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The simple answer to this question is that a color change Tulsa is when you change the color of your vehicle by using vinyl or paint protection film material. Color change Tulsa has become so popular these days and is becoming even more popular. There are so many cars out on the road and people want to stand out amongst the crowd. One of the best way to do that is to make your car a crazy wild color or maybe a regular color but something your vehicle didnt have as an option form the factory. Color change Tulsa can really change and enhance the look of your ride and will be sure to turn heads as your drive down the road!



The biggest reason to this is just to stand out from the rest of the millions of cars on the road and to show off your personality on the outside of your car! But there are many reasons as to why someone may want a color change Tulsa, it can range from just a simple style change to a prank on a friend, or maybe a way to freshen up the old faded paint job on your car. Alot of time, customers have cars that are 10 plus years old and the paint job is faded or there is rock chips and light scratches all over the car, and just want to freshen it up with a color change Tulsa! Or maybe a friend is gone on vacation and they asked you to take care of their car and you decide how funny it would be to have them return to their vehicle in a completely different color. To summarize, there are many reasons why someone would want a color change Tulsa but the most common reason we see is just to stand out from everyone else!


Typically when someone refers to a color change Tulsa, majority of everyone thinks of vinyl and that is because that is where color change Tulsa started. It started in the vinyl industry to help stylize your car or advertise your business. But now color change Tulsa can also be accomplished with paint protection film. For the longest time you always had to look at your pros and cons of each. With vinyl film you can change the look of your car completely and make it as wild as you want. But vinyl film on average is about 2-3mils thick and will chip or scratch just as easy as paint would. Before colored ppf, they only had clear, which is great to protect your car from scratches and rock chips because the thickness of the film was 8mil or more. But now with newer technology they have actually found a way to combine colors with paint protection film, and now you can get a color change Tulsa paint protection film. Only down side is that colored ppf only has limited color options up to about 50 colors where vinyl has thousands of options. Reasons for this is they still have to figure out the technology to make alot of the colors work with paint protection film, but also the film is not cheap it can be double up to quadruple the price of vinyl depending on what color you choose. But having your car protection from rock chips and scratches is well worth it to help keep the resell value of your vehicle as high as possible.



One of the things most wrap shops want to hear is “WOW thats wrapped? That looks like paint!” Because a high quality professional wrap shop should be able to produce a close to paint like finish after the install is complete. We cant stress this enough that it has to be a high quality installer, so make sure you do your research and go to the best installer near you. Or make the drive out to a high quality shop. An inexperienced installer can leave the finish looking hazy or blurry, or dirt under the film, its common too see stretch marks or squeegee marks from an inexperienced installer, and lastly the edge work and corners, an inexperienced installer will leave your edges wavy or jagged, may cut into your paint, and the corners will not be properly folded. This all leads to a bad install, and can cause major issues with the wrap a few months down the road. Always go to the shop you plan to have wrap your car, and look at other cars they have done, to get a better understanding of their quality. Also dont be afraid to ask for a shop tour get a behind the scenes look at their facilities and see how they run the business, you can usually catch red flags during a shop tour. Here at White Glove Auto when you are coming to us for a color change Tulsa, you will received a complimentary shop tour, and we have plenty of examples to show you our work. Our goal is to make you feel welcomed and educated about what you are looking to have done. To summarize, yes vinyl can look like paint, but by a high quality install shop. So make sure to do your research, ask for the shop to show you some of their work and ask for a shop tour!