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Why does White Glove Auto use XPEL products

As the Owner of White Glove Auto, my goal was to create a company that always offered only the best products for our customers. I had done a ton of research, I ordered many different brands of film and tried them out and the one that stuck out the most to me was XPEL paint protection film tulsa. The main reason is that I learned XPEL was a branch of 3M and created the first paint protection film on the market in the ’90s. XPEL and 3M split and became a separate company in the early 2000s. In 2011 XPEL created the first self-healing paint protection film tulsa on the market. I also found that XPEL has a fantastic training facility that I attended and received my XPEL certification.  They also had fantastic sales reps, the best customer service, and the best product warranty. So with all of this combined told me that they were the company for us to choose! We started offering XPEL Paint Protection Film Tulsa in November 2015 and have been a dealer ever since with no problems at all! Then in 2019, they make their already great Ultimate Plus Self Healing Paint Protection Film Tulsa even better! By making it glossier, making the self-healing capabilities heal scratches better than before, and even making the adhesive a little different making it better for the installer. Then in 2020, they released the Ultimate Plus 10 which became the thickest paint protection film tulsa on the market and still has the same self healing properties as the regular Ultimate Plus. XPEL also created their own window tinting line which we started offering in 2020, XPEL as a company they stand behind their window tint just as much as their paint protection film tulsa, and they offer some of the highest heat rejection window film on the market with the best warranty you can get on window film. In 2021 we became XPEL’s largest XPEL Dealer in the state of Oklahoma, this is a huge honor for us and goes to show that when people want XPEL they want White Glove Auto to be the installer. We back up all of our work, although we are humans and mistakes do happen we ensure that we always take care of our customers and make any mistakes or problems right if it’s our fault, and we do this without arguing and making it as easy as possible for you. 

How long has White Glove Auto been around

I started the company on April 1st, 2015, and no that’s not an April fools joke! We have now been in business for almost 7 years. This is a huge accomplishment especially knowing that 8/10 start-up businesses fail within the first 5 years. Not only was I able to keep my business alive, but I was also able to make it known as one of the highest quality shops in the state. When I first started the company it was just me and my best friend. Currently, today as I write this article we employ 14 people. We only hire and keep a high energy, positive people that have goals set for themselves and are motivated to do a great job. We have created one of the best working environments/atmospheres in the industry.  We also have one of the highest-paid wages in the industry. We train every single person on how to do the job correctly. Even employees that have had prior experience, will get retrained and coached on how to meet our quality standards. Lastly, when I started this company, we were in a 600sqft building. It was very tiny and could only fit 1 vehicle in the shop at a time. We are now currently in a 6000sqft facility with plans of moving into a permanent location of 15,000sqft facility in the near future. I am proud to have one of the fastest-growing automotive care facilities in the state. I greatly appreciate everyone’s support for us and everyone who continues to spread good word of mouth about us. I will always make sure customers are taken care of and not taken advantage of when they come to White Glove Auto.

What makes people trust White Glove Auto with their car?

Building trust with our clients is one of the highest priorities. We strive to build trust from the very first contact you have with us. We take every precaution to ensure our communication is on point and clearly understood. When you are looking to purchase products or services for your vehicle we will give you honest feedback and not just try to shove things in your face. We are realistic with you and give you a proper solution for what you are trying to do. We respect everyone’s budget. We are very open and will give anyone a shop tour so you can see the behind-the-scenes look of how we run our operations. We have security cameras and a security system that keeps all cars locked in and safe every night. We have a “No car stays outside” policy unless the customer specifically says to leave it outside so that they can pick it up late that night. Our sales team will send progress updates with pictures every so often to keep you updated and in the loop of how things are going. But dont take my word for it, You can also check out our hundreds of great reviews on Google, or even watch hundreds of testimonial videos on our youtube channel and listen to what they have to say about us. If you decide to bring your car to White Glove Auto, we will do our best to wow you with results.