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Why would a company wrap their vehicle

Out of the thousands of companies across the nation, one of the biggest goals is to stand out from everyone else, for the company to have its own image that will start to build a brand that people recognize. This is a huge reason for a company to have a commercial wrap in Tulsa. Imagine having a Heating & Air company and driving up to a house with a truck that has no branding on it or you have a small magnet or decal on the doors. This doesn’t give an excellent look to a customer when you are coming to their home. Let’s be honest. It doesn’t look great. It doesn’t look trustworthy and not professional. But imagine pulling up in a truck that has a custom design full wrap on the entire truck that stands out, and just screams your company name and really shows who you are and what your company is. It will turn heads and catch attention as you drive into neighborhoods or drive down the street. Vehicle wrap advertising is one of the top ways to advertise your company. One thing we see a lot of companies do is purchase billboard advertisements. Let me ask you, how many bil boards do you read as you drive down the road? Not many or none at all. This is true for everyone. Billboard advertisements are typically money down the drain. If you put that same budget into a full commercial wrap in Tulsa. You will catch much more attention that way, your vehicle is at eye level, people will look at you at stop lights or driving through neighborhoods, and this has a much higher ROI.


How long does a commercial wrap last

One of the biggest concerns a company may have is how long a wrap will last on their vehicle. Longevity of a wrap really comes down to multiple factors, the type of material used by the wrap company, the environment that the vehicle will be in if the vehicle is always stored outside, and how often the vehicle is cleaned. A typical commercial vehicle that gets washed on a monthly basis and sees daily use on the field will typically last 5-7 years with high-quality vinyl. Wraps can last longer than that, but it’s not suggested, typically in that 5-7 year range is when vinyl becomes too broken down by the sun, and the vinyl will start to crack, which will cause for a really rough removal. We recommend that clients replace their commercial wrap Tulsa every five years. The typical full commercial wrap Tulsa on a full-size pickup is around $5,000, which gives you a rate of $1000/year or $83.33/month in cost. This makes commercial wrap Tulsa a very cheap advertising solution that gives a high ROI.

How effective is a commercial wrap for advertising

Commercial wrap Tulsa is an extremely effective way to advertise your company vehicle. As stated above, the best part of a commercial wrap in Tulsa is that it gives your company a unique look and helps build your brand. Typically a customer needs to see your logo 7 times for it to become a memorable brand. This is much easier accomplished when your fleet of company vehicles is driving on the street with the same wrap on it. This will also build trust with the public that sees your vehicles. Seeing a fully wrapped commercial vehicle looks extremely professional and really shows people that you are not a fly-by-night company and that you care about your company’s image. This is why it builds trust with clients. Not only does it make your company look more professional, but it also saves on advertising costs. When you break down the cost of a wrap over five years. The monthly cost is insignificant when compared to the price of Google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, or even billboards. So before you spend your advertising budget on a billboard, remember that wrapping your company vehicle is like a mobile billboard at eye level with everyone else, which makes it hard to miss. This is going to give you a much better ROI over time vs. a typical roadside billboard.