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Why is vehicle advertisement so important to businesses?

If we look at different types of advertising techniques, such as print, radio, product placement, digital marketing, outdoor or vehicle, a car wrap (or vehicle advertisements) is the only type of marketing that cannot be ignored, thrown away, overlooked of blocked.

Think about how many times you’ve clicked that Skip Ad button on 

Here’s a quick list of why vehicle advertisements, or wrapping a car is an essential business practice for effective marketing:

  1. Car wraps are easy-to-see and people can’t just skip the ad.
    • People aren’t forced to look at a car wrap, but when you’re in traffic, whether you want to or not, you will look at the car in front of you or next to you
  2. Car wraps stand out.
    • Car wraps stand out, especially the ones we design. The majority of the cars out there have simple, single-tone colors (silver, white, black, red, yellow = boring). Car wraps by contrast, if well done, are bright, unique, vibrant and stand out among the dull tones that surround people when they’re sitting in a bunch of traffic.
  3. Car wraps are unobtrusive.
    • Cars that are wrapped do not block the customer’s view and don’t just pop up and interrupt someone’s day. For example, you may have your youtube video interrupted in an important scene by an ad, but vehicle advertisements are part of just another car. Simple, hard to ignore, and exactly where you’d expect it.
  4. Longevity
    • Car wraps last for a long time, and it’s not even comparable to forms of advertisements that customers simply throw away – have you gotten your mail today? The ROI on car wraps varies by industry, company and strategy, but you will get much more out of a car wrap than a piece of junk mail that everyone just throws away. A great example of this is If you live in an apartment community where everyone goes to the same place for mail, there is usually a trash can, and that trashcan is typically overflowing with… you guessed it.. junk mail advertisements. 

A car is an investment and most car owners get a mini heart attack when there are any kind of scratches or damages to the car. While turning or parking the car, the owner always has the danger of scathing the paint of the car. This can even happen with the most experienced drivers. 

So what should you do if you get a scratch on your car? Will you let one minor accident spoil the entire beauty of your precious car? The answer to this is getting it repaired either with car painting or car wrapping. While painting would be great for returning the car back to brand new condition, wrapping gives you loads of design options. Apart from just hiding your damage, wrapping can give an attractive look to your car or even do branding and promotion of your business. 

If you are in a dilemma on whether to choose car painting or wrapping, here is how you choose the best option. Repainting will allow you to change the color of your car and it will make it look like a brand new one. But this process is quite expensive and cannot be recommended for minor damages. Here is an example where a wrap could come to your rescue.

What is car wrapping?

First let’s understand the concept of car wrapping. It has been used for advertising reasons for a long time. The wrap is a vinyl which is applied on the surface of the car. Designing, printing and vinyl wrapping are three stages of the car wrapping process. 

Advantages of opting for car wrapping:

There are many benefits that one can get using vinyl car wraps. It can give amazing graphics as well as other advantages:

  1. Easy to remove: you can easily remove the vinyl lamination from the car if you use either Avery or 3M’s vinyl wrap film. This way you can change the design as you wish to without damaging the underlying paint. 
  2. Gives a unique appearance: with a wrap, you get a unique look for your car which makes it more attractive through amazing graphics.
  3. Car wraps have tons of benefits, it has various practical advantages as well. 
  4. Resale Value Maintained: You will feel that such kind of modifications to the car will hamper the resale value of the car but this is not the truth. When you are wrapping your car then it will not affect the resale value of your vehicle.
  5. Car Windows: These vinyl wraps are mostly used on windows and will ensure the complete makeover of the car. 
  6. Easy Maintenance: When you are wrapping your car with the 3M and Avery products then it is very flexible and easily maintained with your average car wash soap and spray sealant.

Is a partial wrap worth it?

The simple answer is YES, but let’s find out more.

If you own a vehicle or a commercial vehicle for your business, you certainly shouldn’t miss out on one of the most efficient ways to advertise your brand and your company. Yes, you guessed it: car wraps. Car wrapping will envelop your vehicle in a vinyl film that has been designed to take advantage of the car’s shape, aesthetics, available space and where it will be driven.

But what if you don’t want your entire car to be wrapped? What if your budget is smaller than what a full wrap costs, but you still want to ensure that you get attention while the car is out and about? It’s quite simple: partial car wraps.

This alternative to a full car wrap is a budget-friendly, but still very effective way to increase awareness for your business, by displaying a logo, images, on selected areas of your car. For instance, partial car wraps can be installed on the back doors only, and this still makes it visible enough for people to notice either in traffic or when the car is stationary.

Advantages of using a partial car wrap:

  • Lower priced, and will fit most if not all budgets
  • A great way for first-timers who aren’t sure their buck will stretch for a full car wrap
  • Create a more consistent appearance across a wider variety of makes/models
  • Designs are more affordable
  • A faster ROI due to the lower upfront cost

It’s important to understand, however, that ultimately car wrap installation and car wrap printing and designing are crucial to ensuring that your car’s advertising potential is maximized. Hiring the right professional installer and the right designers is one of the most important decisions in moving forward with a car wrap project. Fortunately, we do both.