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Though we are Currently in Bixby, we actually started in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma on 101st & Aspen. But we quickly outgrew our first shop and after about 11 months we found another building in Bixby, we were pretty skeptical about moving our business to Bixby especially so far south because it can be a far drive for some people. But after doing tons of research on the Bixby area we found that it may actually be a great move because the area we are in now is still developing and getting bigger. Another Window Tinting Bixby consideration we took into play was that a lot of our Window Tinting Bixby clientele at the time was actually in the south Tulsa/Bixby Oklahoma areas so we figured it would make it much more convenient for those clients. We have now been in Bixby for 6 years and we actually get people from all over Tulsa and its suburbs, Oklahoma City, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and even Texas. We even have had some people come to our shop from much greater distances such as Michigan, California, Utah, New Mexico. We are very humbled and grateful for our customers and really appreciate the travel that everyone goes through just to use us for their vehicle’s needs.



Here at White Glove Auto in Bixby Oklahoma, we work on all makes, models, and years of cars, even including motorcycles, motorhomes, RV’s, Semi Trucks, Motorsports vehicles, airplanes, helicopters, boats, trailers, etc. So if you are wanting one of the services we offer, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We are located in Bixby, Oklahoma. White Glove Auto is known for specializing in Luxury and Exotic vehicles. The biggest make of vehicle we get into our shop is Tesla. At the time of writing this, we have serviced just over 170 Teslas right here in Bixby, Oklahoma. Our 2 next biggest makes that we get into our shop are Chevy Corvettes, and Porsche’s. We love working on all kinds of cars, and we treat every car the same as an exotic because at the end of the day, no matter what car it is, it’s that client’s pride and joy a great Window Tinting Bixby investment they made.


White Glove Auto is all about protecting your vehicle’s resale value or restoring some of a vehicle’s resale value. 95% of what comes into our shop is new cars that clients want to protect. When you purchase a new vehicle one of the very first things you should do is have paint protection film, ceramic coating, and window film applied to your vehicle. Paint protection film protects from rock chips this is mainly used on the high impact zones of a vehicle. Then we suggest ceramic coating the full car even over the paint protection film because ceramic coating protects your paint from UV sun damage and makes your car extremely easy to clean! Lastly, Window Tinting Bixby or window film is great because it adds privacy and protects the interior of your car from heat and UV sun damage on the interior components of the vehicle. So if you are looking for these services check out White Glove Auto in Bixby, Oklahoma.



At White Glove Auto we believe the best mindset to have is the mindset to make money if you are restoring a vehicle’s faded paint, or save yourself money when it comes to resale value. You really want to come prepared and focused because there are a ton of Window Tinting Bixby options when it comes to protecting your vehicle and our team at White Glove Auto in Bixby, Oklahoma is determined to help you narrow down your exact needs. The average vehicle gets approximately 1 rock chip for every 100 miles you drive your car. So that’s 10 rock chips every 1,000 miles you drive. Why let your paint get damaged when you could protect it! Plus having paint protection film or ceramic coating on your vehicle makes it so easy to wipe away bug splatters. You really just want to make sure you protect your new car because it’s a big investment and you can save yourself thousands of dollars in resale value by just protecting the paint surfaces.


White Glove Auto in Bixby Oklahoma is extremely easy to find especially if you use Google or Apple maps. The best way to find us is to set your navigation to our location from Google or Apple maps and it will take you right to our front door. The pin that marks our location on those maps is right on top of our building. This is the best way to find us. The next best thing you can do is to call our main office number and ask our sales team the best way for you to find us and they will be happy to help walk you through the best directions to get here.



White Glove Auto became XPEL’s #1 Largest Dealer in Oklahoma in 2021 and we are striving to keep that title. What makes us the number one Window Tinting Bixby is that clients and potential clients recognize us as a highly reputable shop and choose to come to us. We have protected thousands of cars using XPEL products and have done so with high quality and workmanship guarantee to ensure every customer is always happy. This is why we have earned this title from XPEL. This is a huge honor for us, because it really shows the support we have as a business in our community and that literally thousands of customers have trusted us with their vehicles. At the time of writing this, there are a total of 9 XPEL dealers that are in Oklahoma, and we are extremely grateful and humbled to have earned this award. So come check out our Bixby window tinting shop in Oklahoma!

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