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We started in Tulsa Oklahoma because that is where the Founder of the Window Tinting Tulsa company lives, he decided that Tulsa would be a great place to start. Tulsa is one of America’s fastest growing cities and has a great car community. So he knew that Tulsa would be great. Though he didnt actually put the business in the city limits of Tulsa. We started it in a Suburb of Tulsa called Broken Arrow. We were in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma for the first 1 year of business and then we moved to the Tulsa suburb called Bixby. This is located more south Tulsa, Oklahoma. We moved to Bixby, Oklahoma because we found that most of our clientele was actually coming mainly from south Tulsa, Oklahoma areas. We have been in the south Tulsa, Oklahoma Area for 6 years now at the time of writing this.



White Glove Auto offers 4 core services that protect your vehicle’s resale value and make you feel much more at ease knowing your car is protected. We offer Ceramic Coatings which is a liquid coating that permanently bonds to your vehicle’s surfaces, and this protects from environmental contaminants, keeps your vehicle clean for longer, and makes your vehicle so much easier to clean in general. Then we offer window tinting, this adds privacy to your vehicle and makes it harder for people on the outside to see in. Window tint also protects you and the interior of your car from excessive heat and damaging UV sun rays! We also offer XPEL paint protection film, and decorated paint protection film. Paint protection film simply put is a plastic film that can be applied to just the front bumper of your vehicle all the way to wrapping the full vehicle. Paint protection film protects from rock chips, scratches, and it self heals itself! The last core service we provide is vinyl wraps, this service we can do so much such as stripes, or simple decals, lettering, changing the entire color of your vehicle, or even custom design and print a vinyl wrap to give your car an even crazier look! Aside from those 4 core services that we offer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We also offer wheel powder coating, windshield protection film, custom paint of small parts or badges. So if you are looking for any of these services, check out White Glove Auto in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Our most popular Window Tinting Tulsa service above all other services we offer here at White Glove Auto in Tulsa, Oklahoma is Paint Protection Films. Which barely beats our Vinyl Wraps which is our 2nd most popular service. When White Glove Auto started in 2015 our main goal was to protect the vehicle’s resale values, and so paint protection film has always been a huge part of White Glove Auto in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It wasn’t until about 2018 that we started getting into vinyl wraps, but that quickly gained traction once people started to see our quality. We strive to offer the best quality on all of our services and if for any reason a client is not happy with something we always do our best to make sure we fix the issue. We have certified installers for every service we offer. This means we have completed training courses by the actual manufacturers of the Window Tinting Tulsa products we sell.



At White Glove Auto we dedicate ourselves to quality work, to ensure we always put our work at quality standards we have a thorough quality check process. Our team follows a checklist while doing the service, then a finishing checklist once the service is done, then our management will do their final quality check checklist to ensure everything was done to our standards. When we hire new team members, whether they have a lot of experience or little experience we always put them through our own training program to ensure everything is done the same way. We greatly appreciate all customer feedback negative or positive. We take negative feedback very seriously because this is how we learn what needs to be fixed. We always do our best to listen to our customer’s needs and to provide an amazing customer Window Tinting Tulsa experience and quality expectations.


White Glove Auto is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We currently do not offer any mobile Window Tinting Tulsa services, but we accept customers from all around the nation, and we do everything we can to help make things more convenient for them. Whether that’s assisting with car rentals while we have their car, providing an Uber to give Window Tinting Tulsa customers a ride back home or back to our shop to pick up their vehicle, or even helping search for a great hotel if a customer is coming in from out of town. We are dedicated to providing an outstanding customer experience and want to help make your trip to us even more convenient. When it comes to a simple Uber ride to take you back home or to bring you back to our shop, we include that for free, with no charge to you whatsoever if you live within a 15-mile radius of our shop. If you are someone from out of state and don’t have the time to make the travel yourself, we can even arrange enclosed car transport to get your car here to our shop and back to you safely. So if you are wanting to come to White Glove Auto in Tulsa, Oklahoma but have little availability, ask how we can try and help make it more convenient for you.

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