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1. Enhanced Aesthetics: XPEL Prime window tint at White Glove Auto in Tulsa, Oklahoma, adds a touch of sophistication to your Rivian, complementing its sleek design and contributing to an overall polished appearance.

2. Heat Rejection: Experience improved cabin comfort with XPEL Prime’s advanced ceramic construction, providing exceptional heat rejection. This feature is particularly beneficial in Tulsa’s warm climate, minimizing interior temperature and reducing reliance on air conditioning.

3. UV Protection: Safeguard your Rivian’s interior from the harmful effects of UV rays. XPEL Prime window tint blocks a significant percentage of UV radiation, preventing fading and deterioration of your vehicle’s upholstery, dashboard, and other interior surfaces.

4. Increased Privacy: Enjoy enhanced privacy for both occupants and belongings within your Rivian. XPEL Prime’s tinting capabilities provide an added layer of security, deterring prying eyes and ensuring a more private driving experience.

5. Glare Reduction: Improve visibility and safety by reducing glare from the sun during daytime driving and oncoming headlights during nighttime journeys. XPEL Prime window tint minimizes distracting glare, promoting a safer and more comfortable driving environment.

6. Energy Efficiency: Contribute to the energy efficiency of your Rivian by reducing the need for excessive air conditioning. The heat rejection properties of XPEL Prime window tint help maintain a cooler interior, enhancing overall energy efficiency, which is especially relevant for an electric vehicle.

7. Preservation of Interior: Protect the investment in your Rivian by preserving its interior. XPEL Prime window tint helps shield sensitive surfaces from sun damage, ensuring that the upholstery, dashboard, and other interior components maintain their original look and feel for an extended period.

8. Customization Options: White Glove Auto offers a range of customization options with XPEL Prime window tint, allowing Rivian owners to choose the tint level that suits their preferences while adhering to legal regulations.

9. Scratch-Resistant Coating: XPEL Prime window tint includes a durable and scratch-resistant coating, adding an extra layer of protection to your Rivian’s windows. This feature ensures longevity and preserves the aesthetic quality of the tint over time.

10. Expert Installation: Trust in the expertise of White Glove Auto for the precise installation of XPEL Prime window tint on your Rivian. Their skilled professionals ensure a seamless application, maximizing the effectiveness and visual appeal of the tint.

In summary, choosing XPEL Prime window tint at White Glove Auto in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for your Rivian brings a multitude of benefits, ranging from enhanced aesthetics to practical features like heat rejection, UV protection, and increased privacy. This investment not only improves the driving experience but also contributes to the long-term preservation and energy efficiency of your Rivian.

Why Choose White Glove Auto For Your Rivian?

Rivian owners seeking unparalleled automotive care and enhancement should consider entrusting their vehicle to the expertise of White Glove Auto in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This automotive haven stands out for its commitment to delivering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to elevate the driving experience of Rivian owners. White Glove Auto specializes in high-end detailing, paint protection, and window tinting, offering a meticulous touch that aligns seamlessly with the quality and sophistication of the Rivian brand.

At White Glove Auto, Rivian owners can indulge in a meticulous detailing process that goes beyond conventional car care. The team employs cutting-edge techniques and premium products to restore and enhance the vehicle’s exterior and interior. Whether it’s paint correction to eliminate imperfections or interior detailing to revive the cabin, White Glove Auto’s attention to detail ensures that the Rivian maintains its showroom-worthy allure.

For Rivian owners looking to safeguard their investment, White Glove Auto’s paint protection services are indispensable. The shop utilizes industry-leading products such as XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film, forming an invisible shield against road debris, stone chips, and environmental contaminants. This not only preserves the Rivian’s flawless finish but also enhances its resilience against the rigors of daily driving.

Window tinting is another expertise that White Glove Auto brings to the table, and their proficiency extends to using top-notch products like XPEL Prime window film. The application of this premium film not only adds a touch of sophistication to the Rivian’s aesthetics but also contributes to heat rejection, UV protection, and increased privacy for occupants.

What sets White Glove Auto apart is not just the services they offer but the meticulousness with which they execute them. The team understands the unique demands and features of the Rivian, tailoring their approach to ensure that every service aligns with the vehicle’s specifications. This bespoke approach is crucial for Rivian owners who seek a personalized touch that matches the exclusivity of their electric adventure vehicle.

Beyond the technical expertise, White Glove Auto’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their customer-centric approach. Rivian owners can expect a seamless and enjoyable experience, from the initial consultation to the final delivery of the meticulously enhanced vehicle. The team at White Glove Auto values transparency, ensuring that Rivian owners are well-informed about the services and processes involved in the care and enhancement of their cherished vehicle.