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Vinyl Stripes Tulsa

What Are Vinyl Stripes Tulsa?

Simply put vinyl stripes are 1 or more stripes of vinyl that are placed on a car to give it a sportier appearance. Most people when they hear of stripes on their car, they think of the Muscle car look of 2 stripes straight down the middle of the vehicle. But its not always just that, you can actually get very creative with stripes, there a so many options, and alot of the times it depends on the car. All cars have different body lines and the body lines can really determine what kind of stripes look great on a car! You can do as little as 1 stripes or as many as you want above that. So overall stripes are just a vinyl sticker overlay that is applied on top of your paint to give you a more aggressive or unique look to fit you style and make you stand out from the rest!


What options do I have with Vinyl Stripes Tulsa?

The options when it comes to Vinyl Stripes Tulsa is practically unlimited, one of the first things you want to think about is color, with vinyl there are thousands of colors to choose from. They can range from your basic colors such as red, white, black, blue, green all the way up to crazy color flip color, chrome, brushed stainless metal, carbon fiber etc. And if choosing a color wasnt already enough, now you need to think about pattern, do you want just a solid rectangle stripes? Or would you want patterns cut into it to help break it up and make it even more unique!. Then you will want to think about the width of the stripes, do you want 1 18inch stripe or 2 12 inch stripes. Do you want pin stripes along the edge of your main stripes? If yes, what color are the pin stripes going to be? Alot of this is also determined on where you are wanting to place the Vinyl Stripes Tulsa. One of the best things to do is to Google search pictures of different stripes that other people have done to help inspire you on what you would like. Because again at the end of the day, the options are endless when it comes to stripes.

Are Vinyl Stripes Tulsa for Any Vehicle?

Vinyl Stripes Tulsa is for any vehicle on the road, or even farm equipment, ATV’s, boats, air planes, helicopters or really anything that moves or doesnt move. The main thing is when it comes to vinyl is that it just needs to have a smooth enough surface to allow the vinyl to stick and not peel off over time. So you need to make sure the surfaces that you are wanting stripes placed on is clean, and damage free. If you are putting it on a painted surface and there are chips in the paint or rust, this damage will show through the vinyl, plus vinyl will not stick to rust well. So a properly clean surface is very important. In summary, yes Vinyl Stripes Tulsa is for any vehicle or smooth surface, so let your mind get creative!