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Vinyl Wrap materials give your car the look of new paint, with the ability to remove and return to the original paint color. Vinyl Wrap is adhesive backed and about 5 mils thick, and comes in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes. Give your car a brand new look today with a vinyl wrap!

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Life Span

Vinyl wraps life spans will vary depending on how the vehicle is used, stored, and maintained. The average wrap looks great for 3 to 5 years before needing to be removed. Some vehicle wraps last the life of the vehicle, if it’s garage kept and waxed several times a year, such as motorcycles, show cars, and exotics.

Installation Guarantee

All vinyl wraps installed with our materials come with a one year installation guarantee against any material failures. If your vehicle experiences any lifts or bubbles during the warranty period, please contact us immediately so it can be addressed and fixed. Unfortunately, we do not guarantee the installation when using supplied materials.

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Color Options

The options are endless! We work with 7 manufacturers of materials, giving you the best selection to choose from. Gloss, Matte, Satin, Metallic, Pearls, Shade Shift, Carbon Fiber, Chrome, Snake Skin… You get the idea. We have the colors and materials to personalize your car exactly the way you want!

Vinyl wraps also referred to as color change wraps or auto wraps Tulsa is an actual film that comes on a roll. The film itself has an adhesive backing to let it adhere to a vehicle’s painted surface. Vinyl is very thin, 2-4mils thick to be more precise. This allows the film to be stretched and contoured using a heat gun to give you a perfectly smooth finish. An experienced installer can make installing vinyl look very easy. But these installers have spent years perfecting their technique.

How much does a vinyl wrap cost?

Quoting a wrap is much more complicated than most people would think. There is a bunch of metrics that go into properly quoting a vehicle wrap. Things such as the size of the vehicle, is the vehicle primarily flat or does it have a lot of angles and curves, is there aftermarket parts installed, do we need to remove door handles, side mirrors, bumpers, etc. The majority of these questions have to be answered with an at shop visit. We ask all clients to bring their vehicle to our shop so that we can actually put our eyes on your vehicle and walk around it with you to better explain what we are doing. At White Glove Auto when we do auto wraps Tulsa, we try to be precise as possible to ensure the end result is exactly what you are expecting.

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How long does a vinyl wrap last?

Just like almost everything else, vinyl does have a life expectancy. Life expectancy can really vary depending on if your vehicle is daily driven or just a weekend car, or how you wash the car, how often you wash your car. We tell customers that typically a vinyl wrap will about 5-7 years for a daily driven vehicle that is garaged at night and washed and maintained on a regular basis. Also having us apply a ceramic coating to the vinyl can help with the longevity of the vinyl as well as make it extremely easy to clean. The majority of our clients that use us for auto wraps Tulsa keep great care of their vehicles and we see great longevity with their vinyl.

How Long Will You Have My Car

How long will you have my car to wrap it?

Just like the quoting of a vinyl wrap, there is a lot of things that play into how long a wrap will take to complete. So a few examples would be, a Tesla Model 3 or Ford Transit Connect takes approximately 3-4 days, a Lamborghini Huracan or McLaren MP4-12C would take approximately 5-7 days because the angles and contours are much more complicated on these vehicles. 

What is a color change wrap?

A color change wrap is when you pick a color from a vinyl manufacturer such as 3M or Avery Dennison. These companies and other vinyl manufacturers create their own unique colors, and they sell these colors on rolls that are 60 inches wide and 25 yards long. Once you pick a color that you like, we will call our distributors and purchase a roll of that color for your vehicle. So in short when you are looking for a color change auto wraps tulsa, you are choosing a manufactured color.

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Can I see how a wrap looks on my car before I buy?

Absolutely! If you are looking for auto wraps tulsa, We encourage you to come by our shop so that we can show you on our specialized computer where we can pull up almost your exact vehicle and show you how any color looks on your vehicle. We can even show you different colors for your wheels! Our system is full touch screen and user-friendly, so anyone is welcome to come by and play around on the computer visualizing different colors for your ride. If you wanted to show friends or family and get their opinions then we can also save the rendering of your vehicle and send out PDF image files through email directly from the computer. 

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What is a printed wrap?

A printed wrap is where we take a plain white roll of vinyl and put it into our large format printer. The printer will print whatever color or design directly onto the vinyl giving you a completely custom look! The possibilities are endless when it comes to the custom design of a wrap. Almost anything you can imagine, we can print. Now you may be wondering, well if the printer prints the ink on top of the vinyl, what’s keeping the ink protectin from being rubbed or scraped off. Anytime an auto wraps tulsa is printed, we will then run the vinyl through a machine called a laminator. This machine applies either a gloss, satin or matte laminate depending on the customer’s wants/needs to the surface of the vinyl, this locks in all of the ink from the printer, and gives it UV resistance. Printed wraps are very common in the commercial industry, such is company vehicle wraps. But many other cars also get printed wraps, even exotic vehicles!

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My paint is in bad shape, can you still wrap it?

This is a great question because we run into this a lot. If the area is smooth and slick feeling then yes we can absolutely wrap that. But a lot of times what we see is a customer come in and want a roof or a hood wrap because the clear coat is starting to peel or flake off. Can we still wrap that? Technically yes, and some shops may just wrap over it and not care. But at White Glove Auto the end result has to be high quality. If you have a rough textures surface (Ex. peeling/flaking clear coat) then if we wrap over that you will still see all the same flaws and texture through the wrap. So in this case it would be best to sand down the entire panel to make it smooth to ensure it looks like a nice clean new surface when it’s wrapped. Occasionally we have people ask if we can wrap over rust, and the answer to that is always no. Because rust is a breakdown of metal and therefore will cause the vinyl to fail in a very short period of time. So we will never wrap over rust. We could have this repaired for you from our trusted body shop, or you could have the rust fixed yourself, and bring it back. But as long as the surface is smooth and not rusted then yes we can wrap that. When it comes to not being able to wrap rough or textured surfaces that means plastics as well. Most plastic trim on vehicles is textured plastic. Wrapping textured plastic never holds up. Usually, within weeks there will start to be a peeling issue. So when you are looking for auto wraps tulsa make sure you check the condition of your paint and ask any questions about any concerns you may have about your paint. Our team is always happy to answer your questions.

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