Wheel Powder Coating

Powder Coating
Powder coating is our most popular way to customize a wheel. Powder coat is very durable, it will not chip as easily as painted wheels. There are hundreds of colors to choose from. There are several different finishes as well, such as: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte, Satin, Metallic, Transparent, Candy.

Custom Painting
Are you looking for something completely unique? or maybe you want to color match your factory paint, well with custom painting we can make that happen. We can get any color with a paint code.

Wheel Repair
We also offer wheel repair and can fix most damages, Such as curb rash, chips, nicks, cracks, out of round wheels, bent lips. All damages need to be repaired before powder coating or painting.

Customer Wheels

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What is Powder Coating

Powder coating is actually just that, it’s powder! It’s a colored powder that is applied through electrostatic and a powder coat gun. To explain how powder coating works, let’s take a wheel for example. If a customer brings us a wheel to be powder coated, the first thing that happens is a quick visual inspection of the wheel to make sure there are no other damages that need to first be repaired. Once that is checked we can take the wheel and begin our process. The first thing that happens is that the wheel is stripped of any original powder coating, paint, or clear coat that is on the wheel, our goal here is to take the wheel back to the original metal. We do this by using different techniques based on what we feel would work best on the wheel. Things such as sandblasting or chemical stripping. Once the wheel has been prepped and is now back to the original metal. We then can hang the wheel using special hangers that don’t get in the way of the powder coating process. Then an electric charge is applied to the wheel, this electric charge makes the powder just immediately cling to the wheel. A powder coating gun is loaded with the color powder the customer chose and the gun shoots out the powder evenly. Then a clear coat can be applied to the wheel. After that, it’s sent to the oven to bake. The oven bakes the wheel to cure and harden the powder coat. Once it’s done baking, that’s it! It’s complete and ready to be given back to the customer.

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Is Powder Coating Durable

To simply answer the question, yes powder coat is extremely durable. Chances are the wheels that came on your vehicle are powder coated from the factory. Powder coating is a thick durable layer, and it will hold up to a lot of abuse. This is why you will see powder coating be used in a lot of commercial and industrial applications.

Difference between Powder Coating & Paint

There are many differences between powder coat and paint. Paint has an endless amount of color options and can be modified to your liking, so the paint can have millions of colors. Where powder coat only has a few thousand colors to choose from. Now I know that’s still a lot of colors but if you are someone who is very particular about what color you get, then it may be hard to get what you want with a powder coat. Also with paint, you can just keep adding layers of paint and a clear coat to get a big depth of color which is something you can’t really do with powder coating because as the powder builds upon the wheel, it’s harder for the static electricity to keep attracting more powder.

The next big difference between the two is durability. As answered earlier, powder coating is extremely durable which is why it’s used in industrial and commercial applications. Paint is much more fragile and easily chipped especially on a wheel application where is subjected to a lot of heat and debris. So if you are going for a completer 1 of a kind custom look for your wheels and maybe you are using it for a show car, then paint may be the best option for you as it’s very formable to your needs. But if you are just powder coating wheels on your daily driver or even just a weekend car, and you just want a basic color and nothing too crazy, then powder coating is definitely the way to go for you. In our entire life of the business, we have only painted 1 set of wheels. Which were for a Lamborghini and it was a candy apple red with 7 layers of clear coat and added metallic flake which really made those wheels pop! The other hundreds of sets of wheels we have done have been powder coated, so this gives you a good example of how many people go with powder coating over paint.

Where can I go to see the Color Options

One of the biggest powder manufacturers for powder coating is Prismatic Powders. Prismatic powders have been around for a very long time and they have a great website that showcases the thousands of colors they have to offer in powder coating, chances are you will definitely find the color you like when browsing their website. If you check out their website and find a color that you actually like then you can give us a call and see if we have an actual sample of that color in our shop. We only have about 100 of the most popular colors here that we can show in person. Some powders can be extremely difficult to apply, especially ones that have to be applied in several layers. So depending on the wheel and the color you choose we may not be able to do it, but we can tell you that before booking the job in most cases. We suggest you do not buy the powder from them, and we will order it to ensure we are getting exactly what we need. But if you do order it yourself we can still do the job. The website that you can go to to see their color is here – https://www.prismaticpowders.com/ – just click that link and it will take you straight to the homepage of their website.

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What can be Powder Coated

Now I know we have only been talking about wheels here, when it comes to powder coating wheels are the only thing we will do at White Glove Auto. However! That does not mean its the only thing that can be powder coated. There are many other shops out there that specialize in powder coating different things. But the main thing is that the object you want powder coated is metal. Because as explained earlier, the object has to conduct an electric static charge to get the powder to stick to it. This means you can not powder coat glass, plastic, rubber, or anything else that isn’t metal. If you happen to have an object that is one of those other materials then painting is going to be the best option for you.