Window Tinting

Give you and your car the privacy & protection it needs

 At White Glove Auto we pride ourselves at being on the cutting edge of technology. We not only use the highest quality materials but we also computer cut our films to your vehicle’s exact window specifications.

We Offer 3 Levels of Tint Packages

Tint Package

2 Door Vehicle – $149.95

4 Door Vehicle – $199.95

SUV/Van – $239.95

2-ply, Color Dyed Film
Non Reflective

43% Solar Energy Rejection

Color: Charcoal

Shades: 35% – 45%

5 Year Warranty

Tint Package

2 Door Vehicle – $349.95

4 Door Vehicle – $399.95

SUV/Van – $439.95

2-ply, Nano Ceramic Particle

No Signal Interference

88% Solar Energy Rejection

Color: Black

Shades: 5% -20% -35% -50% -70% -80%

99% UV Ray Rejection

81% Infrared Rejection

Micro Edge Finish

Advanced Infrared Technology

No Fading / Purple Guaranteed

Scratch Resistant

Stable Lifetime Performance

Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Tint Package

Front Doors Only – $79.95

2 Door Vehicle – $199.95

4 Door Vehicle – $249.95

SUV/Van – $289.95

2-ply, Hybrid Metal/Dye Film

Matches Factory Tinted Windows

58% Solar Energy Rejection

Color: Black

Shades: 5% – 15% – 20% – 35% – 45%

99% UV Ray Rejection

Scratch Resistant

Limited Lifetime Warranty

White Glove Auto offers computer cut window tinting with cutting edge technology that allows for accurate perfect tint fitting every time!

100% Accurate Tint Film Application

Our “micro-edge” film cut technology makes tint film
application quick, flawless, and ready to apply!

Faster Process = Faster Installation

Once we have your vehicle selected in our advanced
software system, we simply point, click and go!

ECONOMY – Johnson Window Films – Rage (Dyed Film)
Warranty – 5 Years
This dual-ply construction film offers superior clarity with no radio, cellular or navigational interference. The Economy tint package is a cost conscious solution which rejects up to 43% of the heat coming through your windows keeping you and your passenger cooler as well as enhancing the looks of your vehicle. We offer Rage premium window tint in shades as low as 35% up to 45%.

PREMIUM – Johnson Window Films – Marathon (Ceramic Film)
Warranty – Limited Lifetime
This high performance ceramic film provides amazing clarity, and heat rejection of up to 60%. This ceramic window tint also provides amazing glare relief all while giving your vehicle an amazing look. This is a great film to compliment factory window tint. We offer this color stable film in shades from 15% up to a very classy 45%.

ULTIMATE – XPEL – Prime XR (Nano Ceramic Film)
Warranty – Lifetime Transferable
Prime XR is the ultimate in high technology offering outstanding clarity, unsurpassed heat rejection, and super low interior reflectance. This tint is the perfect compliment to today’s high-end vehicles.

Prime XR window tint is a Nano Ceramic film that does not interfere with any electronic signals. The technology is spectrally selective blocking 84% of IR heat transmitted by UV light and up to 66% Total Solar Energy rejection. What does that jargon really mean? On the hottest day with the sun glaring down on your car, you cannot feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. It means you can open your car door and immediately get in without melting. Simply put, it outperforms the competition. Another amazing benefit we have come to experience first hand is that even one of the lightest shades (50%) seems virtually imperceptible to the occupants of the vehicle increasing night time visibility. This is especially true when in comparison to other window tints.
​Factors may help in the decision making process. Some things to consider:

  • What is the legal shade of window tint in my state?
  • What is the outcome you are trying to accomplish? What shade would best go with the color of my car?
  • How dark do I want the window tint to look, whether a sunny or overcast day?
  • What color is my vehicle’s interior ? (The darker the interior, the darker the window tint may appear)

Additional Tint Services

Windshield Strip: $34.95

Sunroof Tinted: $49.95

Full Windshield: $149.95 (for off road use only)

Window Tint Removal: $75/hr

Custom/Colored Film Available: Call for Quote