Paint protection film, commonly referred to as clear bra or PPF, is a thin film of plastic applied to painted surfaces of your vehicle to protect them from scratches, chips, sap, bird droppings, salt & sand, etc. Once installed, it is like suspending the current state of your paint in time. We currently recommend XPEL Ultimate Plus Self Healing Paint Protection Film. We are always looking to be at the forefront of technology and XPEL Ultimate has all of the properties we’ve been looking for.

Why choose White Glove Auto?

We are Certified XPEL installers with years of experience in the paint protection and vinyl graphics industry. Our installation capabilities are second to none:

All vehicles are serviced on a lift at eye level to ensure the best possible installation.
Each installation includes vehicle preparation (wash, dry, clay).
We carry rolls up to 60? wide giving us the ability to cover every surface of your vehicle.
Patterns are manufactured on-site from a class leading design database.
Our facility is clean and air temperature controlled to maintain a consistent installation environment.

Paint Protection film is warranted by XPEL not to yellow, crack or peel for 10 years after installation. White Glove Auto extends this warranty to include workmanship for 10 years. There is no waiting for a claim decision, we make it happen on the spot. What other product provides you with that much confidence? Trust us when we say there is no other company that compares.

When it comes to paint and headlight protection using quality products, you’ll be glad you chose White Glove Auto!

XPEL paint protection film is a clear polyurethane plastic film that has an adhesive backing. When this film is applied to your vehicle by a certified installer, you should not be able to see the film on your paint. The film is designed to be optically clear and to protect your paint from incoming rock chips, scratches, or scuffs. XPEL paint protection film is self-healing meaning that minor scratches in the film will self-heal from just the heat of the sun, and if you wanted it to heal faster you could even use a hairdryer or hot water. So when you are looking for paint protection film Tulsa, check out White Glove Auto.

Where can you apply XPEL Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film can be applied to gloss or matte painted surfaces of your vehicle, as well as headlights and tail lights. Paint protection film Tulsa can not be applied to textured plastics as it cannot stick to a plastic surface. Paint protection film also can not be applied to glass because the film is not made to be looked through, when looking through paint protection film on glass it looks distorted. The best way to describe it would be if someone wears glasses to see better, and they take their glasses off, that is what it’s like looking through glass that has paint protection film on it. The film can be put onto chrome surfaces, even though we suggest not putting the film on chrome mainly because chrome is such a perfect-looking surface with a really nice reflection, and putting paint protection film over that can distort the way the chrome looks.

What does XPEL Paint protection film do?

At White Glove Auto we install XPEL Ultimate Plus 10. This is a 10mil film, this makes it one of the thickest and hardest to install paint protection films on the market. The thickness of the film really determines how much impact it can take before allowing any damage to happen to your paint. Most installers install a 6-8mil paint protection film because it’s easier to install, but it offers less protection. Paint protection film’s job is to protect your paint from being chipped by rocks or by being scratched by things that rub against your paint. Typically the front of your vehicle is what’s covered by the film, this is the main impact zone of the car while driving. The film is designed for small rocks and stones to hit the film, the film absorbs the impact. The paint protection film isn’t bulletproof though, and can still get torn or damaged if a big enough object impacts the film. Hopefully, even if it’s a big rock that impacts the film and damages the film, that it still protected the paint, and in most cases this is what we see, making it easy to fix by just removing the film and replacing it with a new piece. One of the most eye-catching features of XPEL paint protection film is that it also self-heals. The self-healing layer is a thin layer on top of the film. Under a microscope if you watch something “scratch” the film, you will see the top layer of the film actually just pushes in, it’s not actually cutting the film. Then with just the heat of the sun, the film will start to reshape back to its original form, and you will then no longer see the scratch. You can speed up the healing process by pouring hot water over the film or using a hairdryer. This is a feature of the film that will last forever. Again the film is not bulletproof. So if something actually tears or cuts through the film entirely then this is will not self-heal. When you come to White Glove Auto for paint protection film tulsa, please ask us any questions regarding the film and we will be happy to answer them.

Does XPEL Paint Protection

Does XPEL paint protection film have a warranty?

Yes XPEL paint protection film has a 10-year warranty from the date of install. This covers film yellowing, staining, cracking, peeling, bubbling. We have had a client bring his 2008 Audi R8 to us for a full front XPEL package. The customer came back a little over a year later because someone egged his car, and the eggs stained the film all over. So since XPEL’s warranty covers staining, we were able to have the entire front end replaced at no cost to the customer. Keep in mind that any warranty work has to be done at an XPEL authorized installer such as White Glove Auto. If you end up moving away from us, you can look at XPEL’s website and go to their Locate Installer page, and you can type in your zip code to find XPEL installers closest to you. As long as you have the original warranty pamphlet and receipt then any XPEL certified installer can perform warranty work for you if needed. But White Glove Auto is your paint protection film Tulsa installer!

Is XPEL paint protection film only meant for exotic cars?

NO! Paint protection film is for any vehicle. A vehicle can sometimes be a person’s biggest investment. We highly suggest protecting your investment the best you can. Because when it comes time to get a new car, what’s going to have a better value? A rock-chipped, scratched-up car? Or a car that was protected from the beginning? Paint protection films do a great job at keeping the value of your vehicle high. This is especially true for exotic vehicles because typically people looking for exotic cars want a flawless paint finish if they are going to spend $200,000 or more. At White Glove Auto, we have done thousands of paint protection film Tulsa jobs. Ranging from a Polaris RZR to a Honda Civic to Lamborghini’s and Rolls Royce. So no paint protection film Tulsa is not just for exotic cars. It’s for any car that someone feels they want to protect their investment on and keep their car looking as good as it can for as long as it can. Paint protection film will keep your ride looking brand new for 10+ years!!