If you are looking for a company that is going to give you the best auto tint Tulsa service in the surrounding area we are here to help you! We have many different window tints that you can pick from. We have dyed, metalized, or ceramic Window Films that are going to benefit all of your tinting needs. Between these different types of window tinting materials are mostly the same but there are some differences that are small. We’re going to make sure that we educate all of our clients that we get for their window tinting needs so they can appreciate the great product that we can offer them today.

Whenever you get an auto tint Tulsa service done if you decide to go with our dyed window film. If you get the dyed window tinting film this is going to be on the cheaper end of the window tint. This is going to offer a low heat rejection so it’s only going to retract 30% to 45% of the sun’s heat that it puts off. So if you’re more of a budget you’re wanting it to protect your privacy more going down the road or you are doing it for the look of your car this is going to be an option that would benefit you a little bit better.

If you’re looking for something for your auto tint Tulsa service is going to reflect more of the heat that the sun puts off in the summertime The name Metalized window film it’s going to have a super thin metal layer inside layers of film. This is going to reflect the heat that the sun sets off a lot better than the dyed window film. This is going to reflect the heat more than the sun causes in your car. This is going to reflect the Sun’s heat and UV Rays it puts off in your car by 60% to 65%. The only downside about the Metalized window tint is that it can keep your Pikepass from Reading because of the middle sheet that’s in your window tinting.

All of these films are going to be able to work really well for tenting your car and keeping your privacy. What are the newest window tinting films we’ve been able to for our clients is the ceramic window tinting. This is a new technology. Cut ceramic particles to block the heat from coming into your car greatly. These ceramic particles are going to block 90% of the Heat being entered into your car and we have this place and are sure of that we would love you to see before getting this window tint so you can see how much each window tint is going to reflect in the summertime.

We would love for you to come into an auto shop and see and feel the difference between her two front window tinting so we can offer you today. If you’re wanting to request an appointment or go over the pricing you would love for you to give us a call over the phone at (918) 806-2780. if you’re wanting to look into our services more or what else I can offer you added to the window tinting services. Visit our website today at whitegloveautotulsa.com.

Auto Tint Tulsa | Window Tinting Laws

If you’re looking for an auto tint Tulsa right that’s going to make sure that you can get the darkest tint without breaking any laws were going to be able to offer you attended those as dark as 5%. The window film darkness is going to be measured by percentage and it’s measured by the amount of light that it lets in through your car’s windows. This means that the legal limit allowed in the state of Oklahoma is going to block 95% of the light that is coming through your car windows. There are many manufacturers that create super dark window tint but it’s always important to make sure you’re following your state law.

We are going to make sure that your auto tint Tulsa can get as dark as I can without breaking the Oklahoma window tint laws. Currently, there are cars that must have nothing darker than 30% on the side windows and the back windshield. Below is a little bit different whenever it comes to trucks, SUVs, and vans the two front windows, whenever you’re driving one of these vehicles, are not allowed to be darker than 30%. If you would like to make your two back doors darker you can get those as dark as you want.

We’re going to make sure that whenever you get your auto tint Tulsa service done with our company we are going to educate you on all of the legal technicalities whenever it comes to your car modifications. Whatever comes to windshield tinting the only thing legally allowed in Oklahoma is a windshield brow. This is only able to come down 5 inches from the very top of your windshield brow. The windshield Brow can legally be as dark as you want it to be whenever it comes to the percentage. We would love to be happy to answer any questions about the dark tint we can offer you.

When it comes to anything the window tint we’re going to be able to do you different colors as well from manufacturers. The majority of window tint manufacturers create a neutral black or charcoal color but we can also get Reflective window tinting that can be any color. These types of films can cause temporary blindness to other drivers which can be potentially dangerous. Technically they’re not legal in the state of Oklahoma to use but if they are reflective enough then they can’t be. We can’t offer you a color for window tint that we’re not exactly sure how long it’s going to last. This is not something that we use all the time but it’s installed and used the same as the black window tint we offer.

We will love for you to give us a call today so we can get you started on all of your window tinting needs. You can reach us over the phone at (918) 806-2780 or if you would like to visit our website you can reach us on our website at whitegloveautotulsa.com. We are going to continue to serve the Tulsa Community with all of their window tinting needs.