Why is Auto Tint Tulsa the best service in the area? It’s because we are Oklahoma’s highest rated and most reviewed automotive facility in Tulsa. The service you are most likely looking for is RV important. You’re awake Lovato we guarantee delete this time possible. The benefits of this is that you can choose your skin from damaging UV rays. It has the appearance of your vehicle. I can elevate your privacy and Glenn reduction improves driving safety. If you ever wear any accident, it also prevents glass from shattering if broken. We offer three levels of 10 packages, including prime, CS 10 package or prime XR 10 package and our prime XR +10 package.

How does Auto Tint Tulsa actually work? Well, if you were to get the prime CST package we can do up to 45% heat rejection in the shades available or 5% 30% of 30 printers with a lifetime transferable warranty including new year four-door vehicle two-door vehicle row and SUV. These prices are all below $500 affordable for your budget. It is a 1.5 mil color stay with die filled in the color comes in neutral black. This thing can guarantee that you can at least elevate your privacy and enhance your vehicle Supremes, but I cannot guarantee to protect your interior from UV sun damage or block up to 90% of sounds interesting.

Our best package at Auto Tint Tulsa is our prime XR +10 package. This package uses a ceramic nano particle film with hybrid and matrix technology. This gives you no signal indifference messing with your radio or any sub you have in your vehicle. This is the highest heat rejection and this can range from $1000 to only 299. there is no signal on your fragrance with the highest heat rejection. You get superior installation and superior infrared rejection. Now this can actually give you up to 71% solar energy rejection and up to 98% infrared energy rejection. The shades available for this 10 or 5%, 15% 30% and 50%. Even at 50%. It will give you a 98% infrared energy rejection. The best thing about this thing is that it will look dark from the outside door from the inside, you were able to see the clearest day as well.

Many other packages come with its own benefits and it fits your budget. If you want to fit your budget, please give us a call for the prime CS 10 package which can go from 429 to 139. And this is mostly for the most budget friendly services that we offer to any other customers that are looking at center vehicles. If you want a high end for your Lamborghini or whatever sports car or supercar that you drive you can get her prime XR palace with a tent package. As well, this can offer advanced, infrared technology in micro finished with no feeding or purple.

If you’re more interested about learning about these packages in the budget, we can give you a call at 918-806-2780 or you can visit our website to see the three different packages we have to offer. https://whitegloveautotulsa.com/

Auto Tint Tulsa | We Want To Tint Your Vehicle

What is the quality standard Auto Tint Tulsa? We have the highest quality and professional installation you can get. We offer a superior installation with our tents. Our professionals have been doing this for 40+ years and will continue doing it. Our profession has a nice staff to properly install tents in under an hour and guarantee that you get the best quality out there. We can get your vehicle back running on time as well. We have three packages that we offer that you can call us upon to learn more about.

What packages are offered at Auto Tint Tulsa? We offer three levels of 10 packages going from prime CS 10 package prime XR plus package and prime XR 10 package. Our most popular tent package is a prime XR package. For the front doors it’ll be $219 and I need a two door vehicle overall around $489. If you have a four-door vehicle I can do 569 all around and an SUV can be 639 all run. This tent package comes with a ceramic nano particle film. It is a 1.5 mil thickness and matches factory turns in wheels. The shades offered for this package at 5%, 15% and 30% and 50%. It is a 99% UV ray, rejection, scratch resistant in a lifetime transportable warranty.

Why you should get the prime XR plus at Auto Tint Tulsa it’s because for the front doors only you get a two $99 deal package and our two door vehicles will be 639 four-door vehicles will be 779 and our SUVs will be 859. What is a ceramic nanoparticle film with hybrid matrix technology? This is to ensure that you guys have a superior installation, the superior creator, Jackson. I’ll give you a micro H finish with advanced, infrared technology, and his tent does not fade or purple anytime. This is guaranteed because we know how this thing works. It is scratch resistant and it has a lifetime transferable warranty with a stable lifetime performance.

You can let the professionals that white glove auto tint your windows. Any experience with window tinter can lead to bad window film installation, and I have seen it myself. The Window team is highly trained with the best skills and techniques to give you a white Lovato quality service. We offer window cutting that can match your vehicle’s exact window.This is a scratch resistant and has a stable lifetime time. We just put your vehicle in the information system and measure windows and this will give us the exact window coding format for your window. It’s gonna be an easier installation with the perfect cutting edge technology. If you’re looking for Chrome to arrive, we are sorry that we cannot offer the service because we care about our customer safety.

If you have any questions, you can give us a call 918-806-2780 if you want to learn more about the window tint and many other packages that we offered, you can visit our website https://whitegloveautotulsa.com/ and to view our gallery of the windows we have tinted for our supercars you can take a look to see what we can do for your vehicle.