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White live auto in Tulsa Bixby our motto is to style protect and maintain your vehicle. So to break that down for everybody a little bit more with style we do prevent anything from any automotive accessory 12 volt electronic accessory any type of vinyl graphics just anything that can modify the looks of your vehicle. We can do it. So that’s wheels and tires that’s accessories like bumpers and body kits and grills and grill guards and lighting and vinyl graphics and full color change wraps. We can do 40 right our system install security remotes start alarm systems tracking devices. We can do just about anything. And as far as style goes as long as it’s not custom like you know custom metal work or something like that we don’t really get into that too often and we can even tie or vehicle with performance so we can do bolt on air intake systems bolt on exhaust systems we can do plug and play tuners just to get all the maximum performance out of your vehicle without doing any major engine work. So. You can again find all the services out like auto in Tulsa Bixby and we only offer the highest quality or highly recommended brands.
We don’t offer anything cheap that we love auto and that’s because we want you to get the best bang for your buck. And you know getting a quality product just means it’s going to last even longer and you’re going to be extremely happy with the overall result of the install and the way it looks and how long it last. And just a door ability of all the products. That you install that way of auto you can just ensure it’s the last time. Then we offer protection protection from like. Automotive Accessories
Your paint or your glass or your wheels just anything like that. We can offer protection such as.
Optical ceramic coatings ceramic pro ceramic coatings and aspell paper and film. All these are coating that will protect the surface of your vehicle. That’s from your headlights your taillights to your your brake caliper your wheels your paint your glass your interior carpet your leather. These products can solve any of those protection issues that you have with those areas.And the pup protection film is definitely going to be your best option as far as paint protection is going to protect you from scratches and rock chips. And then we have the coating from the ceramic pro. Ceramic pro am. Is this a ceramic coating. Is the liquid and coating that we put on next to paint which is kind of like a clear liquid armor that hardens to the surface of your paint or any service that we put it on and it just keeps it protected from the environment from getting swirls or from being marred it can still happen. Automotive Accessories
But it’s a lot less likely by just increasing the hardness of the exterior surfaces. So from a pro it’s definitely a great option especially for those show cars or cars that are not daily driven and because you don’t get any scenes from the paint protection film you know and with the stress and coding there is no seams whatsoever. Automotive Accessories
You don’t see anything. So one of the. Biggest things is that we do offer some pro instrument pro is going to be. One of the higher end ceramic coatings that are on the market. There are plenty of real high and ceramic coatings out there but we’ve done our research in our testing and we believe that sediment pro is definitely going to be the better protection for your vehicle when it comes from a coating. So then we all for. Maintaining your vehicle maintaining your vehicle is everything from detailing. To auto glass replacement to just your upkeep you know washes that you wouldn’t like to get you know an old car wash I mean we can do all this stuff. Automotive Accessories
Just to maintain the look of your vehicle. So we do offer he said detailing for he’s got any car any car any object that can roll through our doors. We can detail it. We do offer the highest quality products and the highest quality chemicals. Automotive Accessories
That you can find out there in the market and you can get all these at white glove auto. We really really believe in using only the highest quality products for a customer’s vehicle just because they don’t have better results. They’re gonna get the best bang for their buck and they’re just going to overall be much happier in the long run using a higher quality product and lower quality products don’t seem to last as long. They seem to deteriorate or damage the surfaces that they do touch. So when we choose our chemicals to deal with we take that very seriously and we try to only offer the best chemical products out there for your vehicle. So for the best detailing in. [53.6] The whole world why you Levada is the place to go and not only are our services and our products top line and very high quality and get great customer service as well. We believe highly in customer service. So if there’s anything that’s wrong. We are human and we do make mistakes and we do miss things. But that’s one thing that we always try to fix if there’s anything that we ever miss. That way you know we always take care of it. We always take care of the customer and we don’t ever just you know get you in and out of our door and never try to worry about you anymore. You know we will make sure that you’re happy and stay happy. So that’s just one thing that you’re going to get at like live audio is just great customer service. So we really just pride ourselves in just our name alone just because I mean. When somebody hears white glove auto they’re don’t know that we have great customer service and they learn and get the best quality products and for their vehicle no matter what. We don’t even offer low quality products that’s not even an option in our book. So once again at whilom auto in Tulsa Bixby we like to style protect and maintain your vehicle with any aftermarket accessory any performance bolt on accessory part. Any paint protection needs interior protection needs or detailing maintaining auto glass. [34.4] Or wheels and tires and will repair and will powder coating. We offered all that white glove.
And you’re only going to get the best from white Lovano here I we also recommend our customers to not use an automatic car wash. Yeah. [17.1]
Using an automatic car wash is probably the worst thing that anybody could ever do on their vehicle. It’s absolutely terrible on the vehicle and most people don’t realize them. If you have a black vehicle and you use an automatic car wash it has all the brushes inside of it. And you notice in the sunlight your car has all these swirls and scratches in your paint. That’s from those car washes. That’s the reason why you have those scratches because those car washes. If you do you want to go to your car wash. We recommend you do the ceramic pro for your pain. Yes.
If you do wish to use a car wash just to save you time. If you don’t have time to wash your own vehicle or do a manual car wash and you just need to use on my car wash. You know we can understand that too. But we are in a highly highly recommend getting a ceramic coating at least on the entire vehicle to help protect from those. Scratches in the morning and the swirls that you get from those carwashes. Now this coating isn’t going to protect from everything. So you may still walk or drive out of the car wash with swirls on your pain. So it’s still not even a 100 percent. Proven method to protect your paint from a car wash. Car washes are just extremely damaging and we just highly recommend not going to an automatic car wash with brushes. So always have your car professionally detailed. Or go to a manual car wash. And if you use those scrub brushes always. Power wash those brushes out before you use it. You never know what’s in those brushes from the last vehicle I was using it. Always wash out your brushes. So you once again always avoid automatic car washes. And if you are looking for an experienced professional detailer to take care of your vehicle you can find that white of auto are professional detailers can definitely maintain your vehicle without marring or damaging the surface anyway. So when it comes to detailing on your vehicle it doesn’t matter what vehicle it is especially if it’s brand new. Automotive Accessories
This really applies to anybody that owns a blimp brand your vehicle is that we highly suggest getting a complete full blown detail at least twice a year. And just to make sure the vehicle stays maintained and that white glove auto our full blown detail is color platinum completely detail package on the bumper to bumper top to bottom and so on get every single thing interior exterior engine bay everything all your leather plastics vinyl rubber all that’s on get conditioned. And the reason why we recommend getting every two months is because of those areas that need condition and need cleaned. If you go longer than six months without a. Big full blown detail like this you are going to run the risk of possibly causing permanent damage to your surfaces your exterior or your into your surfaces. Automotive Accessories
So you just got to make sure that you keep it maintained at least every six months with a plan in complete detail that white Lovano. Now we do offer other detail packages and to keep it maintained between the big detail packages so just to keep it clean between those times. You know we know that your vehicle is going to stay clean for six months between your two yearly details. So I would recommend our center complete detail at least every three months. So I’m. On. The in between the big details. That’s what you should get a the center complete detail and that’s that your interior exterior is and make sure everything stays clean and you’re going to like conditioning. So it’s still going to keep everything conditioned and moist and prevent any leather or plastics or rubber from cracking or fading over time. So I said that’s an added benefit from white bottles. We always make sure that we keep an eye on that stuff for you and we make sure that you know you’re not going to run into any issues down the road with any of your. Interior exterior parts of the vehicle. We always try keeping it protected and maintain as much as possible. So that’s one reason why it’s very important just to come to white glove auto for a detail at least every three months or every six months just to make sure that the vehicle stays maintained and stays as new as it possibly can. Everybody wants to sell her vehicle eventually and when they do they want to get the maximum resale value out of the vehicle as they possibly can. And one way to do that is to keep your vehicle maintained with the detail from a professional detail company like white Lovano. Automotive Accessories