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That live audio we have what we call them express detail package. It’s typically going to be just like a two hour job. We try to get it out there out of the shop in a timely manner. Most of our details are really in-depth but our Express is just focused on you know getting a vehicle cleaned up and getting it out like any reasonable time. So. Basically on these packages we will do just real basic cleaning on a slate something that almost anybody can do. But most people out there don’t really have the time to do it. So that’s where we come in. Go to express detail. So the white glove auto express detail is basically going to be your interior and your exterior and on the interior. What all do we cover. Detailing
On the interior. We basically wipe down all the hard surfaces with a rag. And also detail all the cracks and crevices with the. So we also clean the glass. We get rid of all the syrup and stuff. From Sotos or adhesive from leftover stickers. And just escaped that off so your glass looks pretty much brand new. And also we vacuum the carpets vacuum inside the seats like where the cracks are. And just. On the sides like along the seats where the crims usually fall and nobody can really reach that. So on the auto express detail on the inside.
That’s pretty much all we do. And we just we’re going to go in and vacuum everything that we possibly can get out all the dirt and dust and all the cracks and crevices that you typically can do with a rag. And then we’re going clean all your glass including your windshield the windshields are a pain to clean. And so.
It’s just it’s pretty tough to clean a windchill. And you know. Most people honestly can’t clean glass. Detailing
So we take care of all that hassle for you and people don’t really realize how dusty their glasses once they actually get it clean. It just looks normal. You’re used to seeing a dirty. Windshield. Every day when you’re driving but once you get it detailed then you’ll see like a real difference and you’ll probably want to keep bringing your car back to get a.
Yeah. It’s it’s crazy on a windshield whenever you do get it clean how much it doesn’t hence your vision and the dash.
Inside of a vehicle from the factory you’ve got a bunch of glues and different chemicals inside of it that release gases over time these gases will then rise up onto the windshield making it foggy or hazy. And most people don’t really notice that until it gets so severe toward it looks really foggy or like you know the light hits it just the right way at night you’ll see the fogginess. I mean you should be able to draw little pictures and the windshield grime. But anyway that’s just all because the dash is gassing all that chemical.
So that is just a real hazardous thing to have on your windshield because that can really cause a bad glare. So the white glove auto express detail package will get this clean free. And so that pretty much sums it up for the interior. So on the auto express detail package we also do the exterior and on the exterior. What do we wash the paint.
With. We use a waterless wash. On the exterior and we use a rag and we always move in one direction just so we can get all the dust off. In a specific specific area. So it doesn’t keep revving all that dirt all over the paint. Yes so basically when we do the waterless wash. What she’s saying is that we are going to take a rag or put the white wash on the paint and then put on the rag and then we’re doing one swipe motions for us to take the rag and rub it all over the paint to get all the dirt off around you in one motion directions to ensure we don’t scratch your pain we don’t mar we don’t put swirls in it so our wireless washing methods are. Really. Taking. Detailing
Care of your paint. We’re not you know being careless and we’re not going to mess up your paint.
Always we always treat our cars like it’s our own. Like it’s a brand new car to us that we won’t want to mess up the paint.
Or anything like that. Yeah. Exactly. Detailing
So we always take care of every single car as if it’s our own or as if it’s a Ferrari or Lamborghini that comes into our shop. So. The.
White glove auto express detail is a quick detail but we do still take our time to ensure we don’t damage anything on the vehicle. So anyway basically after a waterless wash we move into a spray wax spray wax is basically just a real light wax that has your polymers on it. Detailing
Which is going to help bead water off whenever it does rain it helps you keep it clean. Things don’t want to stick to it as well. So it just makes it an all in all much easier to clean. And that’s also going to hide your U.V. and protection. So it’s not protect you from sun damage on the paint. Now the thing is about the spray wax it does only last about three months at the most. That’s for a garage to Feargal. So just keep that in mind with the spray wax. You will want to get it. Carnuba wax at least within three months of this package. So. Do we remove bugs with the express detail package.
Yes. After we use the wireless wash on the exterior of the car. We go in and use a greaser to get off the other stuff that wouldn’t come off with the water wash. So we would use like. A. Pretty much just. Scrub pad that soft on the paint to get all the bugs off because you know there’s a whole bunch of bugs when you’re driving on a highway. It gets all over the windshield on the outside and. On the front bumper. And we just go through and make sure everything is off before we do this relax. Detailing
OK. So though express detail package that white glove auto. Is going to clean all that bug gone off the front of the vehicle that you would pick up during you know typical daily driving. So it does clean off all the bugs. We do wash the paint on your cracks and crevices and we do use a spray wax. So what do we do with the wheels and tires.
With the wheels and tires. We just go through a degrees here also on tires and the wheels just make sure all of it’s like clean no dust is on there. And once all that is off we go through here and spray it pretty much just. Like a. Glass cleaner in a way to make sure everything is off and. Clean and ready for us to dress the tires. With air conditioner. And then also. We do the wheel wells we go and clean that with the grease or Also detail that. And then. Pretty much go over it again to make sure all the dust is off all of the mud. And then we sprayed that with the conditioner also. To make it look. Shiny. And I know a lot of people don’t really see that. But. If somebody is like in a lower cars and we might look at it and be like oh they really got their detail. Their real Wells really well.
Yeah. So even with the express detail package we’d still try to do as much as we can within that two hour period. So we do try and as much as we can all the wheels tires and wheel wells.
So the wheels we Maithili just do the things we don’t do with the inside of the drums on the Express detail. But just the face and we do ensure that we remove all the brake dust without scratching or damaging the face of the wheel Detailing.
So all in all the Express detail package at white glove auto isn’t good all around package for your interior and exterior. Like I said it’s. Going to be something that most anybody can do themselves at home. But they have a few extra hours of spare time on their hands. But if you don’t have the time or if you just don’t want to mess with that then white glove auto is the place to go. You get this express detail package. And so what you have a motto is going to be located in Bixby Bixby Oklahoma on 128 and memorial. BIXBY Oklahoma. Tulsa. Tulsa Bixby Oklahoma.
128 and memorial. And that wraps up our express Detailing.