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We offer 40 electronic systems for your vehicle. Kate 40. Electronics is a brand that makes radar systems for your vehicle. Not only do they create the state of the art radar systems but they also create a device called laser diffusers which offer laser protection against speeding tickets. And conforte electronics has been the leading industry for radar protection since the early 90s and they made some really huge advancements here recently. That keeps them ahead of the game. And they continue to be state of the art and continue to be number one at any rate our company that is out there currently. So. Once again these 40 electronic radar systems. We are an authorized installer at White movado. And you can find any game for any product here at our store. What’s the different systems. Offer. So different types of 40 systems that we offer K40 Electronics
Let’s start out with the windshield the units we offer two different windshield mount units. We only sell one because it’s really not that much more. And you’re getting a lot more product. For the amount of money it’s going to be the case for the last two windshield mount protector less radar detector. Is basically good for short to medium range radar detection. It offers no laser protection but it does have a built in GBM module. So any false alerts that you would get from other radar detectors and you could actually mute it out on the detector. So every time you come into that same location it will continue to mute that false alert. And. This our last two to Dexter is one of the greatest dash mount detectors we have ever seen created and definitely offer a superior protection against radar threats. Then we offer the Arel 360. I fully integrated. Radar and later defuser system. This system is fully integrated to where it’s mounted. Securely behind and surfaces in your vehicle to keep the system hidden and you cannot tell that one of these systems are installed unless somebody thoroughly goes through the vehicle looking for that system. But anybody walking up on it a police officer walking up in a car will not be able to notice that you have a faulty system and fall on your vehicle. If you choose the integrated system.
[What’s key for these best parts prediction. the best system that capability offers as far as protection goes is going to be the Oriol 360 radar detection system. This system offers a front and rear radar receiver. So not only do you receive radar threats from the front but you also receive it from the rear. And Radar is a pretty wide band. So you’re going to get just about any threat that’s coming at you. The radar receivers will detect it and they will alert you so you can properly slow down your vehicle do the speed limit.
And then it also has the ability to have laser diffusers added on to the system which will offer laser protection later laser protection is highly recommended to be added on to the system because that’s how police officers get your speed is they use a laser gun. And when they are aiming at your vehicle is emits a laser beam at your vehicle and it tracks the time it takes for that laser beam hit your car and come back to the gun. And this lately laser diffusers will interrupt that signal. And I will explain that. Here later.
How much do they cost. So these systems can cost. And. K40 Electronics
Anywhere from four hundred dollars to as high as $4000. The $400 is going to be your windshield unit. There were a lot more cost effective. And like I said they’re good for short medium range radar protection. For your vehicle. And that also does protect the front in the rear as far as radar threats go. And the integrated system can range anywhere between twenty five hundred four thousand dollars. Because of the amount of work that is required to install one of these systems. There’s a lot that goes into installing an integrated system as far as tearing apart the car and. Am just wondering all the locations to keep all this stuff. Discreet and hidden inside the vehicle. K40 Electronics
So where is our last two radar detector installed. It’s installed on the windshield of your vehicle. Either it can be mounted to the rear view mirror with rearview windshield rearview mirror. Mount. Am or you can. K40 Electronics
Use the supplied suction cups and the kit that comes with the radar and suction cup to your window. These radars can be either plugged into your cigarette lighter or a professional can hardwire these systems into the car so they make that turn on and off with the key. And when their car is on the right or turn on the cars off turns off.
So it’s pretty simple and straightforward as far as these windshield mount detectors. Like you said they go around your windshield and they do. Add a little bit obstruction which is why the integrated systems is another reason you should get one of them versus a windshield mount. Not only that and you do get pulled over having a windshield mount system. Most police officers they’re going to pull you over. They see the radar detector in the windshield. And they’re going to most likely give you a ticket because you know you had some type of help. Try avoiding that ticket. So. K40 Electronics
Where is the Ariail 360 integrated system installed. That system is installed. Basically the front rear radar receivers are going to be installed behind the bumpers so we will actually remove your front rear bumpers and install these radar receivers back there so there can be 100 percent concealed. And it does not affect the radar whatsoever but the bumper is in front of it. The radar like that has a pretty wide band and it can still travel through plastic so the plastic bumpers on a vehicle do not affect the radar receiving capabilities. Of this system. And then we have the optional laser diffusers that can be added on to this system. We always recommend at least two laser diffusers in the front and one laser diffuser in the rear. And basically each laser diffuser offer offers 18 inch circle of protection. K40 Electronics
So having two in the front is pretty much going to cover the entire surface of the front of the vehicle from lighter protec laser threats. And then the the one in the rear go right over the license plate protecting the middle portion of the rear which is where most police officers will actually gun the car for their speed. So with this set up. The country a radar system with the aerial 360 high plus two front loader diffusers and then one refuser in the rear is definitely going to be the best system as far as protection. And it’s everything is hundred percent concealed these lighter diffusers are actually installed. Either in the openings of the bumpers or just somewhere discreet. They can’t be obstructed. But we do make them Street as possible. And they are black. So they do blend in with any black background. K40 Electronics
And then the inside of the brain in the GPS module and the speaker is all installed together inside the vehicle behind the dash cam. And then we have two blue early that do get installed either in your cluster panel or just somewhere discreet where you see these two ladies and they flash at you know those are what tell you you’re receiving an alert plus the speaker that comes with the system will also give you an audible alert. But you can either turn on or off from the remote control that you get with the system. K40 Electronics
So what does the radar do. The radar receivers on the 360 system or the windshield match systems their only purpose is to receive radar or signal that a police officer is emitting from their cop car. So any time they turn the radar on they will emit out a radar signal that is a very wide band. And if it hits anywhere in the vehicle the radar is on it pick it up it’s on alert you right away. Well you know there is a radar threat. And just because you receive a radar threat doesn’t mean that they are particularly radar in your vehicle but it is letting you know in advance that there is a radar threat coming up in a detected a radar signal. Like I said these bands are very wide. So when a cop radar is the car the radar doesn’t hit just the car it goes everywhere. And so that’s why your system was allowed to pick up this radar threat at an earlier time giving you advanced notice that there is a police officer up the road. What do the laser diffusers do. The laser diffusers are the two devices that you can see out on the front of the vehicle or the one in the rear and knees either diffusers have. An 18 inch circle of protection. Police officers later guns are very focused. And so their beams are. Usually about 12 inches wide. And when they are trying to laser your vehicle. They are aiming through a scope on a laser gun trying to aim for a 12 inch by 12 inch flat reflective surface on your vehicle which is usually going to always be on the front. More on the back in the car. And. They will never try getting your speed from the side of your vehicle because that will be an inaccurate reading. So it’s always going to be from the front or the rear. And what these laser diffusers actually do. Is they redirect the signal. So basically what I said when a police officer came through a 12 inch by 12 inch reflective surface on the front of rear of the vehicle if they missed that target on any angle it’s not come back to their gun and told him that there was an error that they missed the target. It basically just means that they messed up and they missed their target they missed aimed and and that’s what the laser diffusing was do. Even though they hit their target the way they’re supposed to send a signal back to they’re going to say that they missed the target. So it doesn’t raise any alert it doesn’t jam the radar. Most jammers out there will actually alert the police officer that you are jamming their radar will actually show up on their little screen that they’re being jammed. That’s not raise suspicion they’re immediately pull you over and give you a ticket. That’s where the case 40 laser diffusers really shine is because it’s not a jam. It’s not considered a jammer therefore it’s not legal. All you really doing is. Redirecting that laser beam. To where. It’s as if they missed the target. So. I said on their screen which shows they missed the target. It raises no. Raises no threat to them that you have a radar protection system on your vehicle. It just to them seems like they missed the target. So that’s what these laser refusers do. And that’s why they’re so good at protecting you from any laser threats and also protecting you from getting a speeding ticket. These laser diffusers actually once they receive a laser threat they will give you 10 seconds to slow down your vehicle. Slow it down to the speed limit and then a laser diffuser system will actually shut off. Allowing the cop to read laser your car and get your speed. And by that time you’re already slowed down during the speed limit. And you know everything’s OK. So the system does shut off allowing the police officer to go in your car which. Raises No. Question marks or red flags and the police officers had that you had a radar system. So you’re less likely to get pulled over. The later diffusers. What the K 40 system is like I said are not considered Jammer’s. I said Jammer’s actually. Received the signal and just absorbed it all and they don’t let anything go back to the author. And like that the officer does have systems in their cars were built in laser guns that tell them when they’re being jammed. So right then and there if you have any other system besides the cave 40 any other system out there actually jams a radar signal and they’ll still pull you over. So there’s there is protection there but.You’re still going to get pulled over. And even though your system is integrated if they pull you over because they’ve been jammed they’re they only give you a ticket because they know you have something in their. System pretty much told them that you have something like 40 on the other hand. It’s not a jam like I said it just tells you after that they miss their target. The right has more red flags to them. That allow you to slow down and then shut off the police officer to get your speed. Not raising any red flags and they won’t pull you over for it. And just. By the off chance that you still get a speeding ticket or you still get pulled over. And as long. As. The situation is right. KAYE 40 will actually reimburse you for your ticket. K40 Electronics. So once you get a speeding ticket you go to the county that you got the speeding ticket and you pay the ticket you get your receipt for your ticket then you submit that ticket. Receipt Plus the invoice for your system that you paid for. 2K 40 and 40 will then approve the refund. So then they will reimburse you the amount of your speeding ticket and they will do this for one full year after the purchase of your vehicle. Now keep in mind that you. Cannot. Get this benefit if you were. a DUI drinking drug abuse. If
you’re in a construction zone in a school zone if you’re speeding in any situation like that they’re not going to pay your ticket because I mean that’s just you know that’s your fault for driving that way. It’s OK for he’s not going to.
Pay that type of ticket for you. K40 Electronics
So these are 360 systems in our two system like this that has a communication module which allows you to block out false alerts if you’ve ever had a radar detection system before of any sort. You know that you know at this one certain intersection or at dusk one certain building that you always visit the driver is always doing off for some reason. That’s because it’s you know traffic cameras or could be in the building security systems or whatever that you’re near is emitting a K band alert which is something that is also emitted from a police officer’s car. And so these false alerts can just be muted in the system itself and it’s GPL enabled so it knows exactly what that false alert was. You needed it. It’s not going to happen any more. And more and more of these new cars. They have systems these days where they have lane departure warnings and side collision warnings. And they also indicate band and K-4 is actually one of the only systems out there that will filter out those collision warnings from other vehicles. K40 Electronics
That that’s one thing that you can’t mute you can’t it on any system and it’s a vehicle it’s always going to be at a random spot at a random time. And so that’s no reason why case 40 signs is that. Their system automatically filters out those alerts. And. K40 Electronics
Whereas other systems are generally going to go off any time he passed one of those vehicles one of those collision warnings systems built into the vehicle. So how does the 360 system alert you of a threat. It actually alerts you of a threat by the speaker that is installed with the system and the two blue lights. So the two LCD lights that we install. We do one light for the front and one light for the rear.
So say the left flight is for the front of the left. Light is blinking. That’s telling you that you’re getting a radar threat from the front of the vehicle and that you need to think about slowing down because there is a police officer ahead. If you see the right LCD blinking that means you’re receiving a rear radar threat meaning that there is a police officer probably approaching behind you and you probably need to watch your speed. If you have the optional laser diffusers equipped with your aerial 360 eye system and you see both Elodie start flashing.
That means you’re receiving a laser threat and that there is a police officer that has you in their sights and they are laser in your car getting your speed at that very moment. And whenever the ideas start flashing that is meaning that later diffusers are receiving the signal and they are diffusing it. And from that moment you have 10 seconds to slow your vehicle down to speed limit at 10 seconds the system will automatically shut off allowing the police officer to read gun you and get your speed raising no red flags. K40 Electronics
So also with our 360 system they have a speaker installed which also can give you audible alerts along with the flash. This audible alert can be controlled turned on or off. But it. Just allows you if you’re not able to see the ladies if you’re just focused on the road and the audible alert from the speaker will actually really help out a lot and it will alert you of what. Kind of threat is coming at you whether it’s from the front or rear whether it’s AK ex-band whether it’s laser alert. It will give you an audible or letting you know exactly what the threat is and where it’s coming from. So it’s another benefit of the 40 system is that not only do you have alerts but you also have the audible alerts with it. And then. So as far as what vehicles this system can be installed on. This system can be installed on any vehicle doesn’t matter what it is. K40 Electronics We do everything from you know classic cars to your everyday driver to exotic cars. We mainly. Do put this system on exotic vehicles because you know they’re the ones that. But their cars for a reason they’re trying to race it around and you know the Drent have fun with it. But yeah this these systems can be installed on anything from you know a Honda Nissan dodge Ford to a Lamborghini Ferrari McLaren Bentley. It doesn’t matter what the vehicle is it’s ism’s can be installed and they all operate the same and operate efficiently. So keep in mind at Weigelt motto we are OK 40 authorized and 40 authorized installer for any K 40 system out there on the market. So. You can find these systems in Bixby Tulsa Oklahoma at white glove on K 40 electronics Arliss to the R 360 high. And we generally try to keep all the systems in stock. There are times where we don’t and we do have to order it in. But if we do have to order it in it’s only a three day wait. And we are usually booked out three to four days anyway. So if we do have to order a system specifically for the vehicle we will require a deposit on the system. So yes I gave 40 electronic systems at work of auto Tulsa Bixby Oklahoma south memorial. For the best radar detection installation You can find at white glove auto K40 Electronics