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That mulatto we offer them a couple of different paint protection products. One of the biggest ones that we really like. To use the most is our expo paint protection film. Ex-felon protection film is going to be one of your top of the line films out there. Better than 3m. That’s better than Suntec. So if you’re one great rock chip in scratch resistance ex-MIL film is definitely the way to go. Aspell film is 8.5 milles thick which equates to eight and a half thousand seven inch. This film is just thick enough to protect against rocks at 70 miles an hour. It’s thick enough to heal itself from scratches. So you think you can scratch the film with just about anything as long as it doesn’t go through the film. It will heal from it. It will heal from scratch. So it’ll be like as if that scratch never even. Happened. And that just happens through the heat of the sun. Or you can speed the process up by using a heat gun or hot water. So that’s one reason that makes exculpating protection film the best film out there. As far as protecting your vehicle from any abrasions or just the environment itself. So I felt like a protection film is offered out of audio in Tulsa because. We can do any car any make any model we can do anything it’s painted surface doesn’t even have to be a vehicle.
And most of all of our templates are computer based. They all are cut out of a plotter. So it’s all cut before we put it on your vehicle so we don’t cut this film out on your vehicle we don’t put a knife to your paint as much as possible. Just that we don’t cut your paint and you know.
Do exactly what you’re trying to protect it from. So we definitely try to always use templates. We always. Go edge to edge on everything. We always try to wrap the edges. So every single thing is protected. On that panel that you’re having covered. So again this is aspell ultimate paint protection film that self-healing does have a 10 year warranty. The 10 year warranty does cover yellowing it covers any defect that goes wrong with the film itself. It starts if it stains from like bird poop or bug guts if it stains from that then it’s replaced for free. If anything. Aleo ordinary and just goes defective with the film it’s replaced for free within ten years. Which is still leading warranty on the market for any pain protection film.
The next best one is seven years. And even their film will start to yellow one just two years. So you’d have to deal with a warranty claim about every two years on a competitor’s film expect protection film.
Like I said is definitely the way to go when protecting your paint. So. These. Templates are. All updated.
On a daily basis in our software so we have the newest vehicles everyday. As soon as the vehicle comes out x pill gives us the templates for it and we’re able to work with it. So there is no delay in time from whenever you get a brand new vehicle to the time you get piped action film on it you can. And I would love to get involved for you. And.
All vehicles.
When we do the paper and film install We put it on our car lift and we install the film at eye level and just to make sure that we have exact precision in our installation make sure we go edge to edge everywhere and just make sure that we’re keeping as much debris out of the film as possible. That’s one thing that sets us apart from a lot of our competitors is that a lot of our competitors will end up getting hairs or specks of damnation under the film. And they will not fix it so they will not replace it if they spot that stuff. It’s just you know you’re stuck with it. A of we try our best to keep that stuff out and if it seems to be excessive then we will end up replacing the film for you. So again all the vehicles are serviced at eye level on a lift just to ensure that accuracy and precision in our installation. Before the film is put on the car does go through a prep process. The vehicle will be washed. It will be clay murdered and then it will have a single stage Paullus before putting the film on to ensure that the paint is in about 95 percent best condition that it can be in before we put the film on. So again thats just a lock in that pristine look before you put the film on.
And then you know all of our rules 60 inch wide. The paint protection film comes 60 inch wide on the rules so we can cover just about any surface we can do full of words. We can do for Doris forgives anything. And.
So we can install this paint protection film. Like I said on just about any fool panel thanks to our 16 inch wide rules that we do receive. And so does everything from a full hood full roof full doors full fenders full bumpers. You know we can do.
Any piece on a vehicle. We can get it covered in one solid piece without having it seem together. Like some other installers can do. Sometimes their roles aren’t big enough so they end up having the seam. Pieces together like big panels. And thats not what we do. We try to have it all seamless to wear. You know you came in tell it this film is on the vehicle must be 100 percent Optically Clear and thats the way it is going to be when it leaves our shop. Show. Our facility itself is temperature controlled meaning that it’s also going to lead to much better and still just because the film itself works best. Between 70 and 75 degree temperature and any where outside of that range it’s either too cold or it’s too hot and the film isn’t going to do what we want it to do. So that’s one added advantage that we have a temperature controlled facility. Whereas other shops you know gets too hot it is a bit too sticky that’s when you know that immigration issues arise. Is. When their shop is too hot and they get stuff sucked into their film and they’re not able to get it out. So like I said that’s a benefit. Why go out I always say that we are temperature controlled to allow a better protection film install. This pay protection film can also be installed on your headlights and your tail lights still Optically Clear does not affect the headlights whatsoever and it actually looks really good on the headlight. You can even tell it’s there. Looks like it’s part of the lens.
The one some of the areas that we can’t put it we can’t put it on your wheels and we can’t do on your glass. That just doesn’t hold up to it. As well. Those areas seem to take a lot more abuse and a lot more heat than the rest of the car does. And the films can’t hold up in those areas. So once again when we do this expo ultimate paint protection film at White Lovato in Tulsa Bixby this is going to be your best paint production film installer in the state of Oklahoma. We are one of three installers in the whole state of Oklahoma and we are certified by ex-beau.
We are certified expel installers.
When you come to Y-you of auto You can also get a demonstration of the self-healing capabilities of ex-Special ultimate. And when you come in Reagen you plot a little panel of film that we have. And will scratch up with a wire brush and you can do it yourself or you can just watch us do it. But we will scratch this film like crazy with a wire brush and then we will heel of film with warm water or a heat gun and this will show you the capabilities that the film has as far as self-healing. Like I said when it comes to just about any abrasion or almost any scratch as long as it doesn’t go through the film the film does heal itself and it almost like the scratches never happened.
And it can do that infinitely. As long as the scratch never passes the film through the whole ten years that you have the film it will always heal from a scratch. And. One of the. Other things that people mentioned about pain protection film is just the different terminologies for the film itself. What people like to call it PPF. Some people call it clear brawl or clear protection. Its all the same thing. Its all talking about clear paper touching film that’s out there and there are tons and tons of different brands. But if you’re looking for the best paint protection film Expo ultimate self-healing protection film is the way to go. And you can find that white out in Tulsa Bixby. And the benefits again of the X pill ultimate self-healing pain protection film is the fact that it will protect you from scratches from rock chips from bird droppings and baguettes and sand salt tar. Any of that stuff that protects it from and it also does makes them extremely easy for you to wash all that right off the film and take it to a car wash. You spray a little bit of expel cleaner on that film itself and then does power wash everything right off and you don’t even have to do any scrubbing. Nothing really likes to stick to the film. So it just makes it much easier to rinse everything off in a car wash. Self-healing paint protection film by Extel is definitely gone. The State of the art film. No other competitor out there can beat this film at this moment.
So him action films definitely the best option for you as far as paying protection on your vehicle. And we can do any vehicle out there doesn’t matter what it is from cars trucks to SUV to Arby’s and even boats. We can do anything. So keep that in mind expel paint protection film aspell ultimate. Self-killing paint protection film clear brawl clear paint protection and white glove auto and TulsaBIXBY The best paint protection film installer in the state of Oklahoma.