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OK. So also for accessories And Accessories Tulsa Oklahoma Bixby South memorial like Lotto. Or even without. Lights. With window mills. And he’s a storm chaser for news on 6 here in Tulsa. And. Being a storm chaser he needs a lot of lighting on his truck in order to see when power outages occur at night or anything like that. And one of the things he had to do was install two 14 inch high LCD light bars on the bed of his truck that face outwards. So you’ve got a bunch of light bars all over his truck which we do install on any truck out there is a Chevy Silverado. Fifteen hundred. And these light boards will go in and the truck that you can bring on. To Highlight and like some exhaust or something lighter. That’s something you can do. Yeah as far as my exhaust goes we don’t do anything custom but we do bolt on exhaust systems so anything can back. We can just bolt right up to your truck from many popular brands like Borrello or Magnifico. And you know those are two most popular brands. But yeah we can definitely do that on your truck. So you know I kind of covers. Yeah. Tano covers are another big thing that we sell we offer like many different brands there as far as like retractor tuxedo to the biggest brands that we do sell and many other ones out there a very high quality ton of covers from the retractable soft covers to our tops that are packed to match your truck color. For that person. So you got a question. Non-hockey you get someone to say. So I want to make a point or I’ll take me in. So if you were looking for truck accessories Tulsa and you want to make an appointment with us you are going to have at least a three to four day wait before we can get in most time we have to order your parts which we can order in. Once you put a down payment on the partial order it takes us about one or two days to get the parts in. And then as far as getting the actual truck in itself like I said it’s about three to four day wait a day as you call us. That my friends told me that you also said like rentals and tires. Yeah. We sell all types of different tire brands all the real high quality brands that you hear out there and we don’t sell any cheap knockoff stuff. So I mean you talk about. That Nitto Yokohama Dunlop just missional in aid any high end tire brand that’s out there would you sell it off it from offering tires or street performance tires to drag radials. And then as far as wheels go. Anything from painted to chrome wheels from big 28 inch wheels all the way down off roading wheels for your Jeep and we offer discount anything for those tires. So if I like you I mean if I get the parts and stuff and accessories accessories for you is something like Save me some money over here just going out.
By myself. Are we as far as buying parts from us.
We always try being as competitive as we can. There are some competitors out there on line that move much more volume than we do. For what purpose is it to get better pricing at times and they’re able to offer better pricing on line versus what we can do here in the store. But we always try to be as bad as possible and there are times where we can beat the price that you can get on line. I.
Mean the president has something to say now. Sometimes I think about this stuff like your license. So. Tulsa took accessories to accessories Tulsa Oklahoma Bixby South memorial for the best.
Truck accessories in Tulsa.
You will find them out like a model for the best quality install. You’ll find the best quality install it like the most. And Tulsa Bixby. Oklahoma. Universe. Where the best people in the entire world come take your truck. If you’re looking. To take your truck to Semur. And you want and I see my parents on your truck you Brad do like the motto. We’re the best people in the whole universe. Saw. I also heard that he did a they cut out exhaust the house or something. Rafter. Yeah. As far as. I am Gonzague cut outs we can definitely do exults cut outs as well. I guess in a way that is quite custom exhaust work. There is no welding. We cut out a section of your exhaust pipe in order to fit the white pipe and then exhaust it off valve itself. The valve can be purchased as a manual opener so you go down there whenever you want it to be loud and unscrew the little plate. Remove. The plate off the exhaust. And. Basically dump your exhaust out much sooner than your muffler is actually a lot louder and have more performance. And then there also electronic exhaust cutouts which allow you to operate the valve electronically from inside the truck and you can open and close the valve whenever you want to from inside the vehicle. It’s a very easy install. It doesn’t take more than just a few hours to get it done. So that’s definitely one way to make your truck a whole lot louder whenever you want to. And make it quiet whenever you want to. As I like to give me more horsepower are about the same or no sound. It’s really more about the sound than most vehicles. The only benefit you have as far as performance goes is whenever you have a. Non naturally spread engine as far as if your motor has a supercharger. If as a turbocharger that’s whenever you see a performance gain because you’re exhausted exiting faster. It doesn’t have so much to go through it as I have to go through the whole system does that go with your muffler that gets dumped out much sooner. So on forced induction vehicles. Yes it does increase power. When it’s open. About side steps. I’ve seen something out there that light in the sky like regular sized. Right now I see something like rollout or coming out like that or some of the many different side steps that are out there own trucks you always see at the stationary bars is right outside the truck at all times. And some people don’t like that look but they like the convenience that they can step up onto that step to help them get into the truck. And. So Ampe research is a big brand that we carry and research has an electronic running board that we install and it hidden up either way. And whenever you open any of the doors of your truck or SUV that’s a running board automatically comes down free to step up on to you and then once you get up in your vehicle and close the door the running water track back up out of the way or you can’t see it. And when the running boards do retract downwards there’s actually leave lights that light up the running board for you at night so you can see where you’re stepping. If you’re in total darkness. Sound. Guy. Like. Me I’ve just got this truck. Recently And I just wanted to do some things to make it look cool and everything. I’m not really quite sure. What.To do. Anything specific that you might recommend might. Help me kind of stand out. In the crowd. As far as custom aftermarket accessories. Yeah definitely. So.I’m chucking stuff. Tulsa Oklahoma. Truck bedcovers Tulsa Tulsa truck works Tulsa Oklahoma truck accessories broken arrow pickup truck accessories Tulsa Oklahoma. Aftermarket parts Taso performance truck Outfitters Tulsa Oklahoma four wheel parts cell Tulsa Oklahoma. At. Like about a Dozen Bixby sophomore Morrill Tulsa Tulsa. Big deal. Because we’re the best in the world. Yeah. The whole universe right here in Oklahoma. Yeah. So anyway in order. To make your truck stand out I mean there’s plenty plenty of options out there to make the trucks stand out. Everything from. Wheels and tires to nerf bars to headache racks. Tunnel covers custom hoods ram air scoops and you can do different grills into it off roading bumpers you get winches window 10 vinyl graphics. I mean there’s plenty of options out there for you to do in order to make your truck look unique to you. So and you find most all of that stuff like a lot of. The old style with kids. I like that. As far as live gets to go and we do not have the capabilities of adding those in yet and we are still growing that area of our shop. We do have a limited space right now. ┬áSo the day that we do expand and we’re able to get in the proper listening equipment then we will definitely do lift kits. But as of right now when live performance parks like and stuff like that. Performance parts what we offer is all bolt on performance parts. From just the bolt on air intake systems that cold air intake ram air intake. The. Cap back exhaust systems mufflers the exhaust cut outs or plug and play tuners. Those are pretty much the majority of the aftermarket performance parts that we do out on. We don’t get into tearing apart the motor or the transmission or anything like that. You just do your basic you know performance ads that almost anybody would be when they buy a new vehicle. Any suggestions on what you think might be the best source for my 2012 F-150 car. Yes. He’s lost the best exhaust out there I put this exhaust on several different trucks already. Is going to be from Borlaug 88 exhaust system is a very popular exhaust system out there with a bunch of trucks. It can be a pricey system. Truck Accessories. but it definitely sounds great in that format and great looks to your truck. And any specific brands you recommend here. You get. All of them. Chevy truck accessories pickup truck bed accessories truck accessories near me put a took accessories Dodge Charger ancestries truck accessory store near me Ford truck accessories GMC truck centuries. So as far as air intakes. The best brands out there if you are me KNM or am. Just cane and that’s good. That’s the best ride out there. That’s all you can get. And why bother. Actually I take that back. Air Raid is also a very high end air filter system but can’t undo button on most vehicles. That’s the most known brand out there. And it says it always holds up cane and it never lets anybody down. So when some of the custom. Trucks Accessories work done in the shop. Here. So The last truck I had in was just a few days ago we had a 20:17 Ford Raptor brand new off the lot. Guy bought it. I bought a straight Tour saw him and he wanted to put a tunnel cover on it. He wanted to do a bed run window tent and some custom vinyl. And he also wanted to put in protective paint with a frame coating. So we did it as paint protection with Antico pro and that’s basically a coating that covered his entire painted surface. So now he’s going to be protected against swirls. It will be much easier to clean his truck than we did window to his front door to match the factory tent in the back which is always nice. I don’t intent always makes a difference in vehicles appearance. We had the. Roof. Wrapped Glosson black. So this truck is a dark red color.. And the roof was wrapped in gloss black which you know it’s a truck and it sits up high so you really don’t notice it too much. But I mean if you do look out into the newness it me it just looks awesome. So it is a great add on. Is definitely a good choice by the customer. And as far as the. Bedrock. Width where we got it. That brand bed rug. So this Bedwell basically was shaped to the bed of the Ford rafter. And all the lights were cut out everything was cut out and fit in perfectly. There were no issues. And his whole bed was carpeted and looked nice. And then top it off the tonneau cover. So the carpet doesn’t get ruined inside the bed. And that’s pretty much what we did to that truck. But with just those few modifications that really made that trip different. So most people come in a shop. They usually get multiple services or just come in for freelancers. Most of my truck ancestry customers you know. They always say they come in for one service and then they end up buying many other things. That’s just the way it always goes. But. Most of the time it’s in for more than one service or for more than one thing. All services offer it job. So bestor accessories 2016 but that’s through 2017. Must have tricky upgrades cool things to do to a truck. Truck. Hate the idea of. Cool to get better accessories. Must have Chevy truck accessories. The essential pickup truck items called for accessories Ford and cool things to do to track. The. Different truck accessories that we offer at White Lobato. Is pretty much everything from.
Bumpers to wench’s side sidesteps tunnel covers and bed rugs truck bed liners light bars headache racks tool boxes.
We can do you like bowling performance Porth air intake kits exhaust systems exhaust cut outs. We can do graphics we can d paint protection we can do your window kenning.
We can do tracking devices. We can do backup cameras. Parking sensors dash cams stereo systems. Subwoofer stereo daks. Custom stereo work there’s all types of different things that we can do for your job. So he is all I can say. Yep. We do pretty much anything from Truck Accessories from security Mostar to just your basic alarm in remote entry. And we also do like 40 radar detection systems we do.
Like I said your stereo and your subwoofers and tracking devices and just really anything to do with trouble and connecting it to your vehicle. We can do it.
All of the items on line drops. I take my truck in the shop and I have a light that is tracking. Yeah as long as the budget is there and you have millions of dollars to spend on your truck.
Then yeah we can maybe get the baddest truck in the universe. So.
That’s what I wanted to hear. Yeah. You know better than. Steve Perry and slavery and executive beetling we’re better with them too. OK. So. We’re doing. Great.