You’ll see that Tulsa ceramic coating is the best whenever you check us out on our website. you’ll see that we are the highest and the most reviewed company when it comes to helping your car look better. The sermon couldn’t be applied to new, used cars or even classic cars and we can help you with that. Some Coatings can be applied to even RVs, airplanes and boats as well. if there are any dings, scuff swirls, spider webs Etc in your car then it’s probably not a good idea to do that.

If you’re looking at Tulsa ceramic coating then it’s probably a good idea to bring it in so we can check it out. We want to make sure that it doesn’t have any scratches, jeans, Scott swirls or anything else that will make the bonding not work. This is something that we’ll look at as the installer. We will check to see if the paint meets the requirements before being coded. if the clear coat is badly faded, cracking flaking or there are actually sin applying ceramic coating may not be the best idea.

But your car doesn’t have to be perfect. It is important to know that Tulsa ceramic coating will work best if it is in good condition with the paint. We are a reputable installer that can help you with your ceramic coating on your new or used car. That’s right it doesn’t have to be new, but if you have an old car there are certain requirements and conditions that need to be met before this could really be a good idea. when you bring it on we’ll check it out and make sure that there aren’t any potential issues. we can explain all that to you in the process.

If you like to see some of the work that we’ve done you can head over to our website and check out our testimonials page. It’s important that you realize that you’re working with the highest rated and the most reviewed company that works with ceramic coding. You can see that we have a good reputation and we’ve worked hard in that. we’re not going to stop with you and you can rest assured that you come to the right place for any of your car needs. we’re going to elevate your car and get it into the condition that you want and make the resale value even better.

even give us a call and speak to us or you can visit our website at The number you can call is 918-806-2780 to speak with us about any questions that you may have or tell us what you got. no matter what we’re looking at we can decide by you coming in and checking out your vehicle to see if it’s a good idea to do ceramic coating. We look forward to working with you and helping you in this matter. it’s easy to start the process and for us to determine whether or not this is something that is a good idea

Tulsa ceramic coating|conditions before applying coding

you have come to the right place for Tulsa ceramic coating and we know what we’re doing. When it comes to cars, the biggest thing the technician looks at is the condition of the paint. then sorry I said to check to see if the paint requirements are good. it does have to be in good condition to install the ceramic coating. the coating would not make a good Bond if the surface was not in that condition. The paint doesn’t have to be perfect but it does have to be in good conditioning. We can help you find out if your car qualifies.

If you are looking for Tulsa ceramic coating you come to the right place with white glove Auto tulsa. We are a reputable installer that would make sure that paint is in the best condition possible before going for the ceramic coding. We can tell you that ceramic coding is not only for new cars but it works on use as well. there are only some conditions that your car has to meet the requirements. Then the seller would also check to see if the requirements are met before choosing to do the ceramic coding on your car. with someone that is in your corner and you can rely on, then you can rest assured that it will actually be a good decision to certainly coat your car.

we’re going to check the car over to make sure it doesn’t have Rock chips come and scratches, dings Etc when you come to get Tulsa ceramic coating. We are a reputable installer who is going to make sure that the condition is the best and is on your car before we just go for putting on the ceramic coating. It’s important that you trust us in whatever we find. The clear coat is badly said to come and crack, so we would not be able to fly ceramic coding because it would not bond with the surface.

As a reputable dealer we’re going to check for these things and it’s not always a guarantee that another company would. you’ll see that it is important to us that you get a good product. You can check out our video review. It’s a big investment for you and we want to help give the car that you have in good condition. One of the things that we do is check out your car before saying yes to applying the ceramic coating.

We have you in mind at White Glove Auto tulsa. you can give us a call or you can go to our website at You can reach out to us at 918-806-2780 to get started in working with our installers and we can help you with deciding whether or not your paint is good enough to do this. support that we check that out before we get started. you’ll see that we are a reputable dealer because we take the time with you.