A lot of smart this is White Glove Auto. I’m that old lady that was in there with an old man Monday at the windows. Tulsa window tint I’ve got some bubbles on my side of the passenger driver’s side. Is it supposed to have a little lines of bubbles there. Is this typical for there to be a few bubbles here and they’re like real tiny little ones. Tulsa window tint But there’s a whole lot that could be something that could have happened. So really the only way for me to tell this is to be able to see it. OK. My son usually comes in on Wednesday for lunch and so we’ll just stick it in and let you look at it. OK. Yeah you’re pretty I didn’t even notice them yesterday but I did this morning when I got here. I go to Wyoming. Tulsa window tint It’s no big deal. I mean it only takes us 15 to 20 minutes to get that inspected and fixed. OK well we’ll we’ll check in with you on ways then. OK. That sounds good. Thank you. Tulsa window tint, Hello and thank you for calling you White Glove Auto learn. Yes. And I have a 2017 Dodge Ram to be called her country and I just want to see what it would cost to get the driver and passenger side windows tinted to match the factory in the back. Yes just $80 to get that done. It takes roughly about 45 minutes to an hour 45 minutes to an hour. OK. The Tulsa window tinting second time we want to hear anything on it or. Yeah that’s Samekh film. That’s what’s best match the factory tent. Somebody’s lifetime warranty on it. OK. All right. OK. Sounds good appreciate. Thank you. No not at all. Thanks and by. Tulsa window tinting. Learn hey I was wondering if you guys had any openings for a Tulsa window tint today. Not today we don’t. Not and they don’t do. When was your next like Monday or Tuesday. I say we’re booked out to about Thursday next week Thursday. OK. What would you guys charge. Or I get 5 percent. On our motor home. I go on all the windows. Yes. You be looking at. For the front two only it would be 80. That’s what I’m like film or be 450 with our nano ceramic for all the window. Tulsa window tint Thanks. Well they you for calling like go out somewhere and you know you guys do entertaining right. Yes do. Can you is it possible that can a motorcycle windshield depends on the shape of it really. I mean if it’s a really curved one it’s going to be hard. Yeah that’s what I was wondering and I didn’t know if the film would hold up I guess what I’m trying to do. Are you familiar with Harleys at all. Yeah well I got I got to 2016 Road Glide that Tulsa window tint that’s black and I was trying to get his dark tanning I was going to buy a larger reinitiate I get and when Baki did I’ll make windshield 12 inch high one that’s a little more effective as far as Winbox. Look a lot better if it was dark and I thought well I got a clever one when I thought of it can it. Also the paint inside of it that you know just don’t need to see through it. But a few How would you do that. Tulsa window tint You seem to look at it kind of figure out if you if you’re able to if you

could pull the windshield off of it and bring it to me and then I’ll say I’ll take a look at it and see what I can do. If I can do it I’ll just do it whenever you come in. Yeah I know some of those windshields have kind of like what they call a funny curve in the middle of it but this was just basically just a Gregor’s clack. You know it makes a curve doesn’t do anything funny either just curved around the front. Gotcha OK. The front of it. So some days where you know shapes. So OK well I get it I’ll bring it to you guys. OK. Tulsa window tint I’m at a hundred fifty first memorial. You guys are 130 first Memorial Day. My dad used to be or something back in there too far down 128 memorial and that Cross Creek shopping center where by the dominoes. Oh OK. Tulsa window tint And how are you how long you been there going on two years. No ok. How much you took me to do that too. Driver’s side passenger windows dodge one time two front doors. Like 80 bucks 80 bucks OK. And we do that too. OK. Well I’m glad to know you’re heading back in there. Yeah. All right. I’ll get with you I’ll get that windshield and we’ll figure something out on this. Tulsa window tint That’s it. All right. What if I’m in my truck when we do just call make an appointment to do that later. Tulsa window tint And we do. Exactly yeah. I mean you make an appointment to front doors takes about 45 minutes to an hour. OK. All right. Appreciate it. No problem. Thank you Tulsa window tint. Recalling like a lot of us learn to get prices even goodness and unemployment rate to get my windows to get a 2000 Chevy Corvette OK that’s 2000. I’m sorry 2002 Oger convertible two door windows just Atid or Windows. Yes there are 10 on them already I believe. OK. So to remove that tent if there is down there already. Looking right about 50 to 60 dollars just to remove and then the retaining you’re looking at about $80. Tulsa window tint So roughly 140 for the doors for both of them or each of them that’s for both doors. Wow. All righty. Tulsa window tint Thanks a lot appreciate it. It all began by.