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We are hype about you! If you have a Tesla and you want it protected or cleaned please make sure that you get down to white glove auto and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities they have not the services that they offer. They were repair your vehicle right away keep you from having any problems with pollution. These Tesla vehicles are great, to keep the pollution low and so that is why we love endorsing them. Please if you have not bought one go get a Tesla and bring it down here will clean it and protected by putting many different protective skins to protect the paint on the outside of the vehicle as well as keeping the inside cleaned and serviced so as to keep the leather new.

Tulsa window tinting is not the only thing that we offer. We have 12 V accessory installation as well. If you have a 12 V accessory that you want installed. Let us know will do an amazing job of installing it, making sure that it does not malfunction. Many individuals have these 12 V plug-ins and are not sure what accessories to put in a vehicle and we have a ton of different ideas we can show you that will really spark your interest. With everything from Bluetooth music devices to in car navigation systems. We have many different 12 V accessories that are going to be great for you.

Everything that we do today is going to be backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee that whenever you come here you will not leave unhappy. We will help you with everything from powder coating your rims so that they stay protected from shipping or we can even use a protective film that around the outside of the car that will help keep debris and crack glass from chipping the paint on the bottom of the car when you are driving on the highway.

We have memberships available for anyone who wants to take advantage of those. These memberships are going to be able to keep you clean and detailed every time. If you look at what we offer with these it really is neat. They have everything from hand washing, drying, to wax application. They will clean your will faces and your tires and also do a tire sign application. We clean cars better baby.

The interior of your vehicle is going to be cleaned with a thorough interior vacuum and we clean everything from the windows and mirrors down to the door jams. Every single crack and crevice will be detailed properly. We applied tire sign so that your tires will continually looked brand-new and we do it all for under $200 a month. Please get in touch with us if you want the best Tulsa window tinting you have ever had right here at white glove auto. Call us at 405-385-0029 or go online whitegloveautotulsa.com

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This content is written for white glove automotive

The highway is a scary place for a vehicle of a lot of money and if you do have a vehicle that you have invested a lot of money in you want to make sure that your protecting your investment. If you would like to work with the wonderful car detail shop please get down here because we will not only detail your car but will also use top-of-the-line protectant is to make sure that your vehicle stays new for a long time. We do everything from Tulsa window tinting to 12 V accessory installations. There really is nothing that you would need for your vehicle that you could not get here. The only thing that we do not do is actual motor or transmission work. Anything else you can certainly get involved with us.

With everything from car detailing to the vehicle wraps that we offer. There is really no need that you have that we cannot suffice. Please make sure that you do come down, check out the vehicle wraps for advertising that we offer. If you do on a business it is a great way to advertise for your business. It also is a really cool way to make your car look neat. If you may not have a business but you want to add rap such as pinstripes or anything else on the vehicle. We can do it with the wrapping that we have.

The Tulsa window tinting that we offer is a lie better than you receive anywhere else because we are state about our competition. We make sure that we always keep in contact with you and if you have a vehicle that you need to drop off during the day we can use our free shuttle service to transport you back to work. We love being able to keep you up-to-date with the we offer by giving you monthly text messages letting you know of any specials that we have. When you are a member you always get to take advantage of that. So please come be a member today and save money.

If you want to get the platinum package let us know the platinum package is a great package for people that want to take advantage of the free emergency odor removal of something ends up spilling on a when we also do free exterior cleaning if you might run into a mud puddle and it just splashed on your vehicle you can stop everything you are doing and bring your vehicle in here will fix it for you.

We do everything from diesel to gasoline cars and there is really no vehicle that we will not service. Many individuals so have realized that we are such a high-caliber detail shop. They have brought us things such as Lamborghinis teslas and even Dodge vipers. Please get in touch with us now you want your vehicle clean the right way 405-385-0029 or go online@whitegloveautotulsa.com