It is time to get a vehicle wrapped in tulsa at White Glove Auto, we are local here in Tulsa Oklahoma and have been in business since 2015. We have a great customer base all throughout our region and continue to reach out to new Vehicle wraps Tulsa clients and get them into the shop so they can see our work. This is why we are going to be all of our competition’s prices. It is our mission to have the lowest prices in the city so we can give you quality work. We are dedicated to our customers and we’ll do anything it takes to get you in.

We know that getting your first vehicle wrapped in a tulsa can be intimidating. It might be a little scary at first. This is why we offer partial wraps, this is just a smaller decal sticker. This is like our customizable wraps, but a smaller sticker that you can stick to the paint job. You can customize these to your preference if anything you want whether that is just stripes on your car, a personal picture, representing your Vehicle wraps Tulsa brand, or anything you simply want to put on your car. we are going to make sure that we sit down with you and get you exactly what you want and your sticker.

When it comes to our vehicle wraps tulsa We offer so many choices in our materials. Just a few of the many selections that we offer are typical color change then all, window vinyl, brick vinyl, custom print panel, wall panel, and pretty much anything you can imagine. These panels are going to help Contour your car and give it such a greater appearance. It is going to help you in the long run if you are representing your brand, because people are less annoyed at a car wrap in an ad showing up on their smartphone or in their mail.

The reason that people would choose to get the decal wraps over the full color wrap or custom wrap is because of the price difference, obviously. This does not change the quality of our materials or designs. and it’s just the size of the rod that is being cut down into smaller pieces instead of being put all on your car.Either one of your choices are going to look amazing and make your car stand out and very vibrant. We can help you choose some certain designs and colors that will make your car pop out more and compliment its accents.

918-806-2780 is our personal office phone number and we are expecting a call from you soon. We want to discuss with you the available options and what we provide in our services. We would also recommend our website to you at This is going to be fully equipped with information about our company and services that we provide to help further give you insight into what you are looking for. We would love to answer any questions you might have and to give you information to be able to move forward. We are ready to start this relationship with you.

Vehicle wraps tulsa | Thats A Wrap

If you notice that your car paint is starting to deteriorate or chip off it is time to get a vehicle wrapped in a tulsa. We also provide and design custom Vehicle wraps Tulsa suited to your needs. We are very dedicated to giving our customers the best quality and satisfaction with our products. This is why we are the top rated and most used wrapping company in Tulsa oklahoma. We are determined to stay at this position, this is why we offer all of our Clients price matching. we will be anybody’s price in town.

we want to get you into our shop and show you what all the hype is about on our vehicle wraps tulsa. We have the most desirable car wraps in the entire city and region. We want your car to stand out on any road compared to any car. This is why we are so dedicated to providing the most durable and unique wraps in the state. We want to make your car look like a boss going anywhere. We are going to wow you once you see your finished custom design and get to test ride it around.

if your paint is starting to fade away and peel we are more than happy to get you set up vehicle wraps tulsa And get it back to the way it looked when you first bought it. it is going to be a smooth Material consisting of vinyl that is going to perfectly fit your car topped off with top quality coloring to make your car look spectacular. We are going to make sure to remove any debris or clear recording that you have on your previous paint job. the wrap should last you quite a long time, we can always do adjustments as needed in our shop.

Our wraps are very durable and made out of amazing materials, so this can make your rap less quite a long time. but this also depends on the habitat your car is in whether this is outside, garage doors have a covering over your car. typically though a wrap can be driven daily that is in a garage every night and lasts up to five to seven years. you can purchase a ceramic soap solution from our shop, this is going to help protect your car as well and keep your vinyl looking spotless. If you are careless on the upkeep your vinyl only lasts 2 to 3 years.

We want to get you in our shop today so we are going to guarantee you a price match for more information about this caller office at 918-806-2780. If you live within 15 minutes or less from our shop we will pay for your Uber Drive here. We can give you more information about this on our website at We want to answer any questions you might have about our facility or service. We will make sure that you are talking to an experienced representative. We are ready to start this journey with you and can’t wait for our future relationship together.