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Wheels on your car or obviously an extremely important thing that you need to have operating correctly in order to get around so will appear is one thing that we offer at why go to auto and Tulsa Bixby Oklahoma so it doesn’t matter really what the damages we can usually repair it. There are some cases where we can’t repair certain things on wheels. But when it comes to like curb trash and dings. Chips scrapes out of round wheels a bent lip a cracked lip all that can be fixed at like the motto. You know we can handle any type of wheel. Chrome is one thing that we use we don’t handle chrome with extremely difficult material to deal with. So Chrome.
Wheels are usually something that we just don’t we don’t mess with that a of. But any other wheel that is painted or polished or just and advised and it’s something that we can do. And. So I mean we can handle wheels from you know your everyday.
Chevy Mustang or Ford Mustang Chevy Camaro.
You know that Ferrari Murcielago anything like that. Wheel Protection
The Lamborghini’s Porsche’s. We can do any of those wheels. You know it’s it’s all the same thing. They’re all made out of the same material. So they all get repaired the same way. Doesn’t matter what brand of car it is. We take care of it the same way. You know When it comes to like the curb rash on any will we’re going to sandblast it down or chemical strip will send it down smooth and then repaint or repaired or cut the wheel to match your other wheels on a vehicle so it looks as if nothing ever happened. And again you know we can do this for any vehicle. It’s the same process for a Porsche Lamborghini Mustang Camaro Royce. It doesn’t matter what car it is the same process when it comes to a cracked wheel on cracked wheels. If the crack is not longer than it should we can just go back in there Wheel Protection
Heat will turn extremely high temperature kind of been the wheel back and then weld in that crack that willing in that crack is a usually a permanent fix. Sometimes they can crack just kind of depends on the will and the amount of stress that’s put on the wheel. But cracked wheels are going to be handled the same way across the board with any vehicle as well. Porsche Lamborghini Mustang Camaro Nissan Toyota Honda. McLaren It’s all the same. Same way we treated all the same so. You know. Curb trash or cracked wheels or wheels or you got a bent lip or chip or crack anything. It doesn’t matter what it is on the wheel we can usually get it fixed and we’ll get it fixed in a timely manner. And you know if you’re not able to take the wheel off yourself we’ll take them off for you like a lot of in Tulsa Bixby. We offer this service for any type of wheel out there doesn’t matter what it’s on truck SUV car semi truck a bus whatever it is. I mean we can take care of it. So again that will repair that line of auto Tulsa Bixby to handle all your curb trash repairs your will crack repairs. Will bend repairs out around repairs scratch repair it athing. Deal with your wills we can get it done at white glove auto life said wheels are extremely important part of your vehicle and not only should they look good. They should operate the way they were meant to from the factory. So Wheel Protection
Instead of buying a new wheel which can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars from a dealership. Bring it to white live auto for a repair. So white of auto in Tulsa Bixby is the place to go for your wheel repairs on any type of vehicle truck SUV car Porsche Lamborghini Ferrari McLaren Honda Chevy Ford Nissan Toyota. Just. Any. Any. Vehicle out there. We can repair these wheels. So again it this just willer pair an auto in Oklahoma Tulsa Bixby South memorial. So you got a curb rash on your wheels you get the best curb rush a pair. In Tulsa Bixby the best curb rush hour period that you’re ever going to see. So. You know you got a cracked wheel bent will. Curb. Will you can find the best will repair facility in Tulsa. BIXBY a wall so Glenn Pool. Of auto on stuff and where it all. Was Wheel Protection
At one location. Alfred Warner. But were everywhere at once because that’s what we do. We’re white Lovato. We’re we’re more bigger. But small the same time. So. We’re pair. The best four pair. At White Levada Tulsa. So. We repair powder coating painting. Wheels tires wheel accessories lug nuts wheel spacers anything to do with wills.
In Tulsa Bixby Oklahoma Tulsa Bixby you know all the surrounding areas. BIXBY Bixby Oklahoma best best will repairs in the whole world right here I go on.