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Here at Window Film Tulsa we are very excited to hear from you and we hope for the best services. White Glove Auto started servicing customers way back on April 1 of 2015 and that’s no April fool’s joke. Believe it or not, her very first customer was the winner of the giveaway the link provided on Facebook. This is what started it all. We started with just one person offering detailing services which after a few months doubled to two people working on the floor. We then moved into window tinting after our founder got his window tinting certifications.

and XPEL, paint protection film certifications. Starting white glove auto first started in a 600-square-foot shop. Those are barely big enough to fit in a Ford super duty. Fast forward over seven years later we are now in a 6000 square-foot facility and employ 15 people. We are extremely grateful for how old our customer support is and we are always looking for more opportunities to grow our business. Like Lovato provides service to anyone that can get their card to our shop in essence. We can even help with orange, enclosed vehicle transport if you’re from out of state.

When you are looking for Window Film Tulsa for your needs, you should check out light of love on them. We strive to do everything we can to make your trip to us more convenient. Whether you’re from Tulsa Oklahoma like us or from Florida or any other state in the union Cullen they’re going to help you get your vehicle to us. We can even provide free Uber rides for anyone that lives within 50 miles of us! Yes, you are the right color free absolutely no charge to you to get a ride back home to work if you are within 50 miles of us.

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We are Window Film Tulsa and we are very excited to assist you with your services. Our team is sure to be able to deliver all of the incredible services that we will be able to deliver to you today. Why should you take your vehicle to Wyke Lovato? The short answer is of course you should! What we suggest is for you to just come by our shop. Our team will help you walk through everything that we offer and give you it’s up to her to give you the chance to see the behind-the-scenes. We are sure to increase your car’s value.

Our team will answer any questions that you have and we will even educate you on products, so that if you don’t have a good understanding, hopefully, we can fix that before you leave. We treat all cars as if they are exotic cars, whether it’s an old Honda Civic EX or a brand-new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. We truly understand that a vehicle is still a big investment for anyone. The founder of white glove auto is huge on this, and it will not tolerate anything less. Lastly, if you come to white glove auto, you can trust that you were getting a high-quality product and service.

Get the best Window Film Tulsa for your car or truck. We are truly by far the best in the business. Powder coating is just that, it’s better! It’s a colored powder that is played through electrostatics in a powder coat of a gun. To best explain how powder coating works, let’s take a simple reality, for example. If a customer, princess, I will be powder coated, the first thing that happens is a quick visual inspection of the wheel to make sure that there are no other damages that first need to be repaired on the wheel.

We will deliver the best Window Film Tulsa for all of your needs. Once the wheel is checked before being powder coated, we can then take the wheel and begin our process. The first thing that happens is that the wheel is stripped of any original powder coating paint or clearcoat that is on the wheel. Our goal here is to take the wheel back to the original metal. We do this by using different techniques based on what we feel would work best on the wheel. Things such as sandblasting or chemical stripping also work. What’s the wheel has been probed and is now back to the original metal color then the hanger will be using special hangers so they don’t get in the way of the process.

What next happens if we put in an electric charge to be out in this electric charge? Makes the powder just immediately cling to the oil. The powder coating gun is loaded with the specific color powders a customer chooses in the gun shoots out the powder even if you. Then a clear coat can be applied to the wheel. Call us at 918-806-2780 and get all of your questions answered. go to our website today at https://whitegloveautotulsa.com/.