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When you are looking for Window Film Tulsa you should look no further at glove auto. The majority of what most people will see when they look for window tint in Tulsa is dead metalized or even ceramic window films. One may think there isn’t much of a difference, and that all tent it’s just tinting and all do the same thing. This is where we like to educate clients to ensure that they are getting a truly great product that meets every one of their needs. Dyed window film is typically on the cheap brand.

and most dyed window films offer a lower heat rejection writing, which is usually around the 30 to 45% range. Then you have an awesome Madeline‘s window film switch for the window. The film itself is a super thin metal layer inside the layers of various layers of film and the middle helps. Reflecting heat even better, some Middle East films can see other words 60 to 65% healed rejection. The downside of metalized film though is that it can interfere with electronic signals such as cell phones, GPS or Pike passes, etc. then you finally have ceramic window films, which is a newer technology. The ceramic particles in the tent block heat, and I am here greatly.

give us a call at 918-806-2780 where you can talk to one of our amazing representatives.,. Also go to our website at https://whitegloveautotulsa.com/. Some ceramic window tints like the ones that we use even reject upwards of 90% of the heat! This is truly a huge number, and we have displayed in our charm the actual amount of hair that each film rejects, and you can physically feel the heat difference. It truly is kind of fascinating.

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Give us a call today so that you can greatly benefit from all these amazing resources that we can deliver for you today. We are truly the best in the business and I know that you will appreciate all the incredible services that we will be able to deliver for your needs. Our services are truly exemplary, and you’ll be blown away by the incredible results that we will be able to garner when you use us to spruce up your car. If you have a dirty car, we can make it look brand new from the inside out.

Get the best Window Film Tulsa for all of your attention needs. We provide only the best products for our customers, and only the most excellent installation services as well. Our team is truly excited to see what your vehicle will look like after our services. We truly can completely transform. We can clean your dirty car with our incredible detailing services then perfect your paint or just correct it so that your paint is also looking brand new. If you were wanting to change up the look of your car temporarily, we can provide a vinyl wrap for your vehicle to give it a very unique and custom look.

We will deliver the best Window Film Tulsa, another thing that we can do to greatly change. The look of your vehicle is powder coated. Essentially this is a more robust way to “paint” your vehicle, specific or metallic parts. Usually, the main things that we will Powder Coat include engine covers or brake calipers, or wheels. This truly gives you a very unique look that will stand the test of time along with your vehicle.

Call us at 918-806-2780 and get all of your questions answered. go to our website today at https://whitegloveautotulsa.com/. We can also apply various clear bra layers to best protect your vehicle. On top of that, we can even tint your windows to give your vehicle privacy and torso and protect your interior from deadly UV rays. Another thing that we can do to protect your car is to apply a layer of ceramic coating to it as well.