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You have auto We offer window training the best window tinting that you’re ever going to receive in your entire life. This window tuning can be done at White live audio on 128 and memorial Tulsa Bixby Oklahoma. That is Bixby Tulsa Oklahoma.
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A Wasow Tulsa Broken Arrow. We get customers from out of state like Arkansas Kansas Missouri also Glen Poole. Yeah. So anyway best window tinting at white glove auto. So our window tinting we offer only the highest quality films that you can get. And.
So with these higher quality films.
I realized I get quiet. So you know that’s what I’m thinking. So with these films our economy package is basically going to be just a window tent that’s real light. It’s just something you know get on the card and a little bit of privacy to it reject heat. It’s the Johnson window films what we call rage film. So Johnson window films is a. Great window film manufacturer one of the biggest in the world. So you can get this range Johnson window films window at white glove auto in Bixby the best window tuning. So we also offer. Her Johnson window films marathon film. This film is going to be a ceramic film with. A moderate heat rejection. You’re looking at 60 percent. Heat rejection ratings. Which is a. Huge amount. When we’re talking about heat keep you much cooler while you’re driving the vehicle you’re a seasoned worker much more efficiently. And also protect your interior from UVB rays. The ceramic film does block 99 percent of UV rays protecting your interior from some damage from drying out fading cracking. Also is skin cancer foundation approved. And if you do have a skin condition or a prescription from a doctor this window will be approved. To be used to protect your body. So. Once again Johnson window films marathon tent. At white glove auto in Bixby your best window tinting business in the Oklahoma area. And. So. We also offer as our highest and package we call her ultimate package it’s X pill branded film. So Expo Pryme X or is the name of the film. It is a nano ceramic nano ceramic technology does allow electronic signals to be passed through. It does not interfere with anything electronic. You don’t look at the highest heat rejection ratings on the market. I have not seen any other window film. Beat the heat rejection ratings as this film has.
This film also does block out or which is infrared and U.V. ultraviolet light. You’re looking at a 99 percent rejection on U.V. and up to an 80 percent rejection on infrared. It is also Skin Cancer Foundation approved and you can find this film at white glove on.
So all of our percentages that we offer are going to be from 5 percent to 80 percent. That includes 5 percent 15 percent 20 percent 35 percent 45 percent 50 percent 70 percent 80 percent. And the higher the number goes the lighter the film. The lower the number is the darker the film. The
Percentages there are basically the amount of light that is passed in the tank. So whenever you get an 80 percent 1.10 job that means 80 percent of the light will pass through the film and 20 percent will be rejected. So once again you can find Johnson window films and ex-Special films at white glove auto in Bixby.
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So anyway our window film processes we do not use blades on the glass as much as possible. We do use a plotter which does cut the film exactly to each car. We have a we have window tent templates for every make and every model that’s been made. So this allows us to select your exact vehicle get the window cut it out on our plotter before we apply it to the vehicle that way we’re not cutting it out on the glass like a traditional window 10 shops out there that will put it on your glass cut it out to the shape and then if they slip up they can cut your glass with the blades that they use. So once again you can get this professionally done at white glove auto to ensure that we do not damage your glass. With this. Plotter cutting out the window film for us. It also speeds up the process. We can get a full 1.10 job out in under three hours and that’s quality work. We also offer an installation guarantee so that’s not to cover any issues that you go wrong with the film because of bad installation technique. And that’s just how much we believe in our work at white glove auto. So during our window testing process we never use chemicals either on different your interior. We just use. Either Johnson baby soap or we use what we call tent slime. Either one is not harmful to the interior of your vehicle whenever we do spray this on the glass. So you can rest assured that you know we’re not going to damage your interior wall tinting your glass with the Johnson window films or the X pill ceramic films. We real detail your doors once we are done applying the film just to make sure all of our environment is dying and preimage your doors. On the inside. It looked clean like we just the talent.Yeah. So I mean when we do take your vehicle we do clean up our mess we’re not going to leave you with a mess. You know some shops out there will leave the drips from the snow ball down your your door panels and you know expect you to clean it up. Not at all like the motto at white. My motto. What we make a mess we clean it. So we will clean your door panels after we are done with your window tint installation. So once again you can find this service at white glove auto. The best window tinting place in Oklahoma. We also do a brown. Hover light or dark to mine it also is also provided at like. The have the windshield strips or the eyebrow some people call it. And. Everybody has a different name for. But this that goes across the top of the windshield. Legal in Oklahoma is only six inches down. Will do whatever you want. But you will see many liabilities after this six inch mark. But we can put a brand on top of your windshield to your desired length and make it your desired darkness as well. This is extremely helpful for keeping the sun out of your eyes and we can also do this with our Johnson window films or X pill films. So if you’re looking for a windshield brow or a test strip on your windshield just keep white glove auto in Bixby Oklahoma in mind.
We have the best quality and we’re the best window shop in Oklahoma. So the last thing in our window tinting is that we can do a full windshield. Of people ask us if we can do a full windshield we can. It is very labor intensive and it is illegal. But if you have a prescription or if you want to assume that liability for the full windshield we can definitely get it done for you. This windshield taking be again done. In any darkness that you want. We recommend a 45 percent or higher. And we typically either use our got some window films marathon or we use our exit poll prime X. Our window film to do the full windshields your windshield will bring in a lot of heat and these films will reject all that heat keeping you cool inside of your vehicle. And that’s one of the main things I’ve noticed is keeping you cool and keeping your interior protected from the U-V. So. Any way you can find these services again at white glove auto in Bixby Oklahoma Tulsa and south memorial on 128 and memorial window to. Window 10:13 window film window of film film tent tent Oklahoma tent Tulsa. Window tending and Bixby. We do it all. We’re the best.