XPEL paint protection 2 A lot of this. Hey Dana called left a message the other day about estimates for a model CX 9. XPEL paint protection On the Cleator bra. OK I got called I Know. Just what I tried. I apologize about that. No worries here. I’m a bum. Call me on is that a good number to reach you at. Yeah. OK. And Lucy said it was on a Mazda see Eleanor in 2017. XPEL paint protection And so when you say Claremore you were just one like the front partial or the forefront you know. Are you sure he’s on the cover. Yeah I kind of wanted to see what the coverages were. So the it’s got a pretty big. You know bumper that I like to cover and then doesn’t typically is the full cover about 18 inches up that. Well I kind of give you an idea like we call a partial front covers about the first third of the fenders in the hood. OK. Obviously a full front covers the entire panel and the head includes a bumper. XPEL paint protection Generally the pillars the mirrors depend on the kit. You like come with different options as well. But generally speaking you get your fenders head bumper your mirrors and your a pillars potentially you know one or two different areas depend on the vehicle. But a fall from that old overcover kind of the door to door jams and stuff like that as well. XPEL paint protection No the full or partial. Either one of those. Don’t go back that far. And there’s certainly other conditions that you can get on there to. I’ve got no side skirts or you’ve got and you know we custom you know cause well but. When I was good at is I guess on average I mean I needed to speak with Myron. He was in a meeting and he’s on his way back here shortly. XPEL paint protection He should be back by one o’clock and I can give you a kind of a rough idea as far as like cost goes. XPEL paint protection Yeah that’s great. I mean a partial front end would be somewhere between say seven to nine hundred for forefront and would be 2018 focus almost almost twice to do the full from versus the partial. And like I said the partial front is this it’s the differences the fenders and. You either get like a third the front third of the Fenner’s head or you get the full coverage or the fender and hood. And. So with the partial. XPEL paint protection It. Does it cover the full front of the Bolpur. Correct. Yeah you get the full coverage on your own either. Either of those. Ok I really did and just about every third of the hood. Right. Yeah exactly. Yeah. And I couldn’t remember doing up and looking at several of these things. Do you guys use expel or three in correct. XPEL paint protection Yeah we use spell. OK. And do you have you used 3m or the loom or ones before. Do you guys like expose that kind

of why you go with them. XPEL paint protection Well He’s the owner of the shop and he’s an authorized installer. He just likes to carry the very top of the line on anything any products that we sell. And so I guess his feeling is that as well you know is better than the others that are out there and that’s OK. That’s you know that’s why he sell that. It comes with a 10 year warranty. XPEL paint protection The industry leader was my next question. And of course it’s got the self-healing taco as well. I don’t know if you’ve actually seen a demo demonstration of a demo of it or whatnot but it’s pretty slick stuff. My set top if it gets scratched up and whatnot it heals itself on the side like 20 minutes. XPEL paint protection Wow that’s cool. No I haven’t seen I mean we are from Colorado and so I’ve been down here for a while now but have never had a car and wanted to put a clear on. And so in Colorado we. We’ve put 3M on some cars. But I know it’s a slightly different you know kind of set up just because of the heat out here is different than out there and those types of pieces. Right. Yeah we you know we all we tend to get on the high end vehicles out here for a spell so they say most of them yes agree with us. Yeah yeah. But since you want to get out and some of the places that are called just do a seven year which is still pretty good that tends a lot better and it’s a tenure that in your warranty basically you can have. You can have that taken care of anywhere. In the world. All you have to be is your nearest authorized installer. You don’t have to come back to us. I’m just saying if you are I’ll give away and be another stay. XPEL paint protection You know it could be all taken care of by your nearest authorized installer. And you know how of these guys around here you know they they may install certain films but they’re not an authorized dealer so therefore they can’t provide the warranty. Gotcha. We know that we can because we’re actually authorized and actually got trained in our service center down in San Antonio and all that good stuff. So we we really know how to install it. And then of course we back it up with the warranty and then we have our own in-house warranty on our craftmanship and you know the work that we’ve done on it as well. XPEL paint protection So we back it up extensively. That’s great man. I’m assuming it’s probably a pretty much a full day job that a dropped car off the morning and it would be great if you’re done a partial front. Potentially we can get you on one day if you dropped off in the morning OK. Otherwise like a fall from would be a two day. Ordeal. As you know you guys know your availability this week well this week I think we’re booked all week. I don’t think we have anything available until next week. XPEL paint protection Let me. On what would be you know what would be ideal for you. Well I happened to be down. I try to call on Saturday I didn’t

know if you guys were up Saturday it looks like you will have a little business trip tomorrow. So seeing if I could get some hooked up for tomorrow. But I know that’s pretty late notice though right. XPEL paint protection fYeah yeah definitely be a no go. I do some business trips here on the tolls. So yeah all it needs to call me back this is the best number. Otherwise I’ll try to call a week or two out for my next trip. I’d like to get it done pretty soon. We get the car about three weeks ago. I gotcha. What do you get that coverage on there. I have all I have. Yeah. Well I definitely understand that. I might give you a shout and he gets back into the office. Generally speaking we’re generally booked out a week sometimes longer. So I mean just to give you an idea there as far as trying to get some scaffolding on what was going on. XPEL paint protection Brandon Brandon OK. And this number here is fine to get back in touch with you live and let us know. OK. I’ll definitely be sure that he gives you a shout back when he gets back in the office and you can talk a little bit more. He’s a lot better to kind of explain the process and everything. Anyhow he’s on basically doing all the insulations when it comes to the spill. So it sounds good. XPEL paint protection Is there any other questions like an answer for you. Are we are you. taking my call. Are you. Thank you Brian. OK. XPEL paint protection.