Think you are going Wagler of all of this and admiring their mind is not in at the moment he has actually stepped out. He will be back shortly though. All right. Well can you really a message to him for me. XPEL paint protection Sure. This is was showing tech. called earlier about a C63s getting a xpel wrap done. He knows the details and everything and he told me that he’d do it on Monday and if he if he can tell him I will bring it there Monday. OK. With me is open Monday April 8 o’clock already. We’ll I’m going be there and you guys open. If he has any questions can you have him give me a call back and call me on. XPEL paint protection A good number to reach yet. Yes sir. OK I will. I will let him know. XPEL paint protection All right. Otherwise I’ll be there Monday. Well you know accounting. All right. Sounds good sir. Thank you. Thank you for calling us and learning to do that the protection of the world my new cars if you can get a Toyota Camry what it like to get that done. Most people do the forefront. Is basically the beautiful front bumper and the forward front fender of your headlights and fog lights the side mirrors? They pull my fear in the leading edge of the roof Temescal. XPEL paint protection Reynolds what about the light the door the light behind the door. Yeah you get included in that like that as well. Oh God damn it took me about fifteen hundred fifteen hundred. Yeah. What. What brand. XPEL paint protection So I can be using actual ultimate. Well I’ll be one year higher into the market and it’s got a 10-year warranty with it as well. OK. I like this one. I got I got it would it to do it for like eight. I think it was a twenty-nine hole for the color plus you know the door handles all the bears. XPEL paint protection Yeah, they used digicam which is a great tip. I mean if that’s the route you go you’ll find out in about two years when it starts yellowing that it’s not really a good film. I replaced a bunch of other film. Oh really. Yeah. So, it was 15:00 like that that’s like the cheapest you’d recommend that I put on my car so that you could just I recommend just because you know you don’t have any lines for your panels there is a cheaper package on a partial front. That just does the hood. XPEL paint protection That’s like a third of the hood. A third of the fenders and then the front bumper and then the side mirror and then the door handle. And that $700 OK. So yes that’s more like what I want to spend I guess. But you would see a line you’re saying right. Exactly. Because I mean it’s only going up about a third of the way up your road fenders if you keep your vehicle. XPEL paint protection I mean if you. Go in. I ahead say if you keep your vehicle clean you won’t really see the line but once you start getting dirty and collect dust and dirt on that

line then you know you’ll be able to see it say gosh that’s another 10 year work visa. XPEL paint protection Yes 10 year warranty against any defects including yellowing of yellow for 10 years. Well that’s good. All right. What do you guys do like rats to own cars or just the spills.Yeah we do the vinyl wrapping like four color changes the graphic stuff like that as well. What do you charge for a full car. Like I have a Subaru 0 5 Subaru. Impreza W.R. X Oger I gotcha. XPEL paint protection So for something like that you’re probably gonna be right around forty eight hundred thirty one hundred dollars probably in that ballpark. For college what kind of. OK here I go to Princeton the color we use scream and holler. XPEL paint protection But. Yeah I mean if you do some crazy color or something then it’d be a little bit more but that covers most of the color spectrum. I kind of like like a slight kind of gray dark gray kind of look. Yeah yeah. I’m going to put it in that price. And then of course when we take apart your door handles and you know we get inside all the cracks and crevices we don’t really see in the original paint. XPEL paint protection We don’t get inside the door jams and but everywhere else we do OK. So what kind of warranty would something like that I like you know a vinyl film as. I always say five years whenever you keep good care of it or keep it crossed. But at five years it’s about time you start thinking about replacing it. XPEL paint protection Unless you take care of and keep across all the time play a lot longer than that but five years long the. All right. Well I appreciate the help. So I guess you could do that. XPEL paint protection I want to do the example. You can do it with take like a weekend to have it done or I’ll pull for an encore like I typically have done in a full day and would be right for the next morning. So I mean I wouldn’t keep it overnight. OK. I don’t like dropping off the morning some time that you have it by the day I can get up at the end of the day that day or I’d have to be the next morning. OK. All right. XPEL paint protection Will appreciate your help. Thank you. Yeah no problem. Thinking about. XPEL paint protection. A lot smarter and this is kind of. I’m getting the 2018 Ford Raptor. Coming in the next week and I’ll. Cover it with the XPEL. OGER and I just want to know what it is it’s going to cost to cover that thing. OK how much of it do you want covered. Well I was looking at possibly covering the whole thing. I was. Doing the math and it looks like it’s going to be really expensive. So that’s one good idea. So it can be. I actually have no Raptor coming in for a full body wrap here. Next week some time and I could heads out. So I already have some ideas for his quick. It looks like the quote is about four thousand eight nine. And that’s OK. That’s a whole vehicle up top to bottom front to back including headlights and everything.

Yeah with the headlights and taillights there’s no glass. Yeah right. OK. All right. I appreciate them. I would always use a take you got to do that kind of thing. My dad client take us three days minimum no more than four days. OK. All right. I appreciate it. No problem. All right.